S4 intro - I choose to challenge

Dear SG people. In the S4 Intro the ladies are introduced as “wife of” and “former assistant “ ?
Good thing you didn’t release this at international women’s day… I choose to challenge


Yeah, they should be introduced with their curriculum vitae at the very least.


Probably due to SG lazily plagiarizing 19th characters with their inherent white male colonial bias instead of creating their own intellectual property.


The Bard throwing some shade!

From the initial picture I think we have other strong women characters to follow. But I do think it’s a little more whimsically British Empire in its setting and decorum. Elizabeth would be introduced as “my wife” back then but you only need to look at her to know there’s a lot more going on there! She doesn’t have the demeanour of a subjugated housewife that’s for sure. She looks strong and forceful in the picture. Well to me anyway, she certainly has a real air of confidence.


Well, as a girl the intro didn’t trigger me.
I think SG did good job when it comes to female heroes and villains, they look really interesting.


SG have made strides in diversity; I don’t have a major issue there. I’m much more grumpy about the severe lack of world building and the nonsensical and jarring combination of Vikings to Rule Britannia.

It’s less like Tolkien and more like Rik and Morty

But if SG did more original character design, they wouldn’t get bogged down in the unconscious bias if the past.


Ugh can we not do the inherent bias thing here.


Is this another way of saying that the summons rate is still terrible and I haven’t missed anything since leaving :joy:

What kind of World building are you interested in? (Sims, Civilisation, Roller Coaster Tycoon…)

Or are you saying SG has failed to world build (Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age)

If the latter I would not hold my breath


What was wrong with the info again.?

Sorry intro I mean…

The female characters are being introduced by their relationships to the male ones, as opposed to the male characters who are introduced by their jobs/qualifications etc.


This is true, but not my gripe today!

I’d have much rather seen a cast of original characters than more plundered from existing myth and literature.

At this rate, Paddington Bear and Sherlock Holmes will be fighting Attila the Hun across Toy Land in Season 5!


But that sounds great!


It’s just a game. Why do “-isms” have to be brought into everything these days? Have people really nothing better to do or talk/think about? :snowflake:


I’m sold. Let’s make this happen


I’m happy with this guy, the passive I interesting. This also further divides the other heroes of same “rank”. They should lower the requirements for evolving S1 and S2/ event +, it’s really a no brainer on who gets leveled first. Might as well feed away all the other 3* and 4* just cluttering the bench taking up space.

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yeah. if these were newly-created characters, I could see the problem. But these are established characters from literature…

… and hey, at least our S1 heroes Vivica and Elena are heroes on their own, not defined by their relationship to a man…

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I agree with you @sleepyhead In addition:

Just a thought…

Maybe introduce the men as “husband of” to offset the “wife of” paradigm AND give women titular equivalents of their own.

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I have to agree, this is really going overboard. This is a game to escape reality and nonsense, I don’t need life lessons hammered into me.


Oh yeah, I am so there :joy:

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