S4 defense

I’ve been blessed with Dr. Moreau, Elisabeth, Morel and Aouda and I wanted to set up a S4-only defense to see how far I can go.

Yes, I know that Dr. Linderbrock is the S4 yellow to put on defense but I don’t have her (nor I’m spending more money just to chase her).

From S4 green I have Garjammal and Phileas Fogg. I’ve seen Phileas on some defense but less often Garjammal.

The question is: which one do you think is more apt to be used in defense ?

Considering that I also have other good green heroes (Hemidall, C.Kadilen, Quenell, …) is it worthwhile to use a “S4-only” defense? or should I use other heroes? (currently, C. Kadilen is in my defense).

What do you think?

Quenell would be my vote , though C kad is a great choice too nit a bad problem to have.

I have fogg but would never put him on defence, was using C. kad till I maxed quenell and dont regret the switch, Gargamel keeps getting bypassed for mats and sits at 3, 70


Agree with Mr Anderson. Fogg or garjammel don’t cause much trouble on defense. The other two however, cause me to focus on them

Since your defense is probably rainbow, Phileas isn’t too much of a problem, though he does hit hard and can dispel a taunt, for instance. Garjammal would probably be better because of the self healing after firing her special. However, I agree with the other commenters that Kadilen or Quinell would be better suited than either of them.

If you are set on doing a full S4 defense, though, I’d go Garjammal.

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