S3H 7.10 - Gullinbursti, An-Windr, Guardian Gazelle madness

No video, only this screenshot.

Somehow An-Windr stole Gulli’s yellow sword special and hit me with it. Subsequently, whether this is intended or not, I had Gulli’s special active a few turns later, and when I fired Gazelles (assuming it would clean it), it instead activated the yellow sword to hit An-Windr.

For what it’s worth, this is the first time I’m extensively testing Gulli/Wilbur now that they’re emblemed. With these two at +20 it’s flat out silly.

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Wait a minute…unless An-Windr’s special is also a yellow sword? Jesus. I’m so lost. Someone help.

That’s it correctly: 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

Keep in mind that the special specifies the following:
When the effect ends, the owner deals damage to all enemies – each hit taken during the turn duration increases the damage dealt to all enemies

That means when you used Guardian Gazelle to remove the status from Gullinbursti, it ended the effect and damage was dealt to An-Windr.


Thank you. That makes Gulli… even better?!

What do you mean even better? That he does an attack when his effect wears off?

No, that he can stack with Gazelle and his effect will go off without being “dispelled” per se.

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