S3, sometimes, poison realm bonus is not applied

in this case: 15-8 hard, wave 3/4

I’ve seen this as well. Also, sometimes (but not always) a dying mob will flash the realm bonus, even though it won’t be applied, given that he is already dead. Maybe that has something to do with him being hit in a cascade or something, though.

I have been spamming 15/9 to get the free gems…

Free gems? Season 3? Do you mean mission completion rewards?

Precisely. 20 times precisely.

I am spamming 15/4 because it also help to get Dark Elf avatar.

@BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS have you submit a report?

@yelnats_24 this is my submit

when you suspend my account, i cant help
for the mods, petri, sg

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Sgg does monitor this page. My opinion here, this is probably the best place for something generic that doesn’t specifically affect your account (like this). If affecting your account, support can be contacted at the link below directly.

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Happened in S3 level. Unfortunately I’m not sure which one.
The elf has low HP but poison damage does not apply to heroes.

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