S3, S4, S5 and Untold Tales (UT) -Farming Guide [Data Driven]

Thanks for the kind words. I believe the conflicting data happens because some levels have too few runs. Hence the average is not reliable.

The data will be more reliable after we manage to get 50 runs for all levels. So yeah, we need more peeps to work together on this. Screenshot your loots and key them data in :grin:

For those of you who have no time to key in the data and using loot tickets (especially HARD levels), please share with me screenshots of the loot & number of loot tickets used.

Monster count not required. I can refer to existing data from NORMAL levels.

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Looking at s5 hard during judgement, energy cost changes from 7 to 8 for hard at the start of Province 9.

The spreadsheet shows energy normally costing 10 all the way up to the end of Province 10 without judgement.

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Thank you for the highlight @Baagroak :handshake:. Fixed it

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Hole Province 25 Season 5 normal finished. :v:

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Season 5 normal: Hole Province 6 finished :checkered_flag:

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