S3 ruined gameplay for me and my alliance

So, S3 is over. No more stages, no more coins. Lots of us did all of our summons + a few 10-pulls over these months in hope of getting some of the excitong S3 heroes. The drop faye was scandalous this time, bit lets not get into that.

While all I got from S3 is only one 5* hero, all the defences are loaded with S3 heroes. And you really need S3 speciala to fight properly. For example I have no minion killing hero like Skadi or minion blocker like Bera, but have to face Freya and Bera in war constantly.

And on top of that ninjas: hours of tough gameplay just to do 1 pull and a half.

Our alliance was very strong with green tanks since we had lots of Tellurias but they took her away from us. I did’t have her but we did well as an alliance. Yesterday one of us quitt and we haven’t chatted in about a day, which is unheard of.

We are being pushed out of the game. Maybe it’s a good thing right?


Let’s all have fingers crossed for the good stuff still to come in 2021 and a bit more rebalancing.
SG have said they have some “Quality of life” stuff lined up for us all …


I concur there are many frustrations with summons but I don’t agree with

I’ve mostly got S1 5*, 4* costumes and a handful of HOTM. I have a couple of S3 heroes, Norns and Tyr, who are fun but hardly game changing.

I’m often top scoring in war without the big names from S3 or ninjas against other diamond players.

Maybe in the top few hundred alliances it’s a bigger problem :man_shrugging:t3:


We are in top 750 usually. I agree with you and I am in the same position. But it is getting harder and harder every war.


Same here as far as people quitting. I had a long time member quit yesterday for the exact reasons you laid out. Crap from portals, having to face those heroes constantly without the hope to actually get one and overall tired of the constant BS from the system RNG on all levels.

I’ve had good luck with S3 portal but couldn’t agree more about the ridiculous nerfing of Telli and the travesty that all decisions being made by the devs have become.

I have zero faith in the devs doing anything remotely helpful or productive for the community of players as a whole. ZERO. Their track record speaks volumes.


I have to disagree here. My alliance is in the top 3000 and because war matchmaking is a complete joke all we face are 4500-4800 TP filled with S3 heroes. While my roster is equipped to deal with it about 1/3 to 1/2 of my alliance family is not. So instead of actually fixing their broken system what do they do? Push S4 right on through and costumes for already overpowering heroes. Regardless of the kick back on costumes.

Again, I have NO faith or even a smidge of belief that the developers will do anything but feed the whales. While I don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on the game, I do spend enough and yet I still know that about 3/4 of the player base is left out in the cold by the developers. And with the moves they are making I can’t help but say it’s purposefully done.


This is indeed an inexplicably tone deaf and hypocritical plan.


Maybe it is a good thing . You all fell into a pattern and are forced to either quit or adapt . Perhaps you need to rethink strategy and play with different heroes . Perhaps the game has fulfilled its purpose and its time for something else . Either way the evolution of the game has brought you all to a crossroads . It’s never bad to be faced with “adversity “. It’s during the hard times when people grow . Good luck with whichever path you all decide to take . Learning is never a bad thing :v:


I wish it was as simple as that. The thing is we were happy with our level, knowing we will not be at the very top but also knowing we have enough strength to fight good wars and enjoy the game. Now the things we enjoyed have gone, I guess no choice but to move away. This is the firat time I contemplaye such a thing, well…

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You got 1 5s from s3? Consider yourself lucky. Over 2.5 years in this game and still don’t have a s2 or s3 5s lol.


Yes right, at the end of 2021, their vallets will be full.
Thats the only +ve thing happening right now with game.


At the end of the day it’s a game made by a profit making company.
And recent financial results released show that its lucrative.
But you don’t have to pay to play or pay to win. That’s a personal decision that each of us make.
For me I just buy POV (for the mats and battle items) and VIP.
And even my VIP is coming to an end because I have nothing more to build.
So for now I am happy with my lot - and I don’t have any super duper 5* Ninja heroes or similar.
I have accepted that there is no end result to this game - it grows more and more and the goal posts keep changing. But that’s good too.
And I have accepted that there will be regular stronger heroes released with more costumes and possible battle items and then more rebalancing.
I was planning to stop playing the game once I completed S3 hard mode … but … I am intrigued by the quality of life promises (and I have enjoyed the new raid stuff) so might stick it out until the end of the year and have a rethink


You have badly misread the situation


S3 heroes are mostly all good but I disagree that people “need” them

I’m fairly lucky and have 5 S3 5*

In our last war it was some crazy good defences like we always get but below is how we finished. Cobra Kai just went back to back perfect wars and to my knowledge he has 1 S3 hero. Caddy is a beast and usually finishes in our top 3 every war. He’s pure F2P and has no S3 at all to my knowledge.

So no one “has to have” them. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s possible to do well and use what you have.


Yes, i know it. But company should give quality product, if they want their costumers come to them in regular basis.

Me too. Im not a pay to win type. But i agree with the intention of this original post.
Me gave up one accout.
Another one pure F2P, except those share gem package.
3rd i pay a little bit, as you mentioned.
But loosing original joy of this game.
Im not complaints about my pulls.
Its a good one for me.
Not having fancy ones either, but as an alliance we cant holding, bonding 2gether like older days.
Its seems like routine. No hi hellos. In global newbies around, but where are the regulars who always gave back a reply on hi???!
Missing something…!!!

Quality of life = quit game and look at the real world

Not staring at a screen for hours inside a virtual world :wink:


I totally get what you’re saying. I’m frustrated too, and still struggling to only do the parts of the game that are still fun for me. They’re getting fewer and fewer.

No Skadi, Freya, or Bera for me either. But I have to give a shout out for costumed Gormek, which I got in the last costume portal. He’s a fabulous minion muncher. So much better than Gobbler or Capt of Diamonds.


It is as simple as that . Change your perspective on the situation . Nothing Well earned ever comes from quitting .


I totally agree.
However in the current environment with COVID and shielding etc. I am currently unable to go out and “look” at the real world.
And given that I am retired and have an underlying health condition, There is only so much TV I can watch, Books I can read, housework I can do.
So E&P has been my little escape for the last 12 months
Once the COVID restrictions are lifted in the U.K. my time allocated to this game will very significantly reduce on a daily basis ie hop on to hit the Titan and fight wars twice a week


Two from S2 here: Mok-Arr and Ursena. So I really can’t complain, I guess. One S3: Norns, who is probably the single least impressive S3. Miraculously pulled a 4* Ninja. Even more miraculously got Finley and Krampus.

I’m constantly fighting the S3s (and re-rolling the ninjas whenever possible), and generally winning. There are a few that I avoid unless forced by tournament or war, but I feel competitive, despite a lack of the new shinies.


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