S3 Hard stage marked as completed despite defeat

I failed to complete S3 Province 10 Stage 5 Hard on my first attempt. However, I was allowed to proceed with S3 Province 10 Stage 6 Hard immediately after the defeat.
On the World map, S3 Province 10 Stage 5 Hard was marked as having been completed with Valhalla coins awarded, but I did not receive any Valhalla coins. (I checked the Recent Activiy page to be sure too.)
Replaying and successfully completing S3 Province 10 Stage 5 Hard did not award me with Valhalla coins either.
I’d like to have those coins.

Screenshots please. Thanks

I don’t think screenshots would be helpful here. The world map shows it as completed, and the Recent Activity page does not show which stage the loot is for.

And I’d prefer not to waste WE trying to reproduce this on other stages.

The developer can know it from the log. You will need to submit ticket:


Thank you, @yelnats_24. I have done so.


I reproduced it. When failing the stage you are not allowed to do the next one. You do not receive coins. It‘s pretty likely to mix up some stages there.
If it turns out to be a specific bug on your account I‘d appreciate info on it given by sg

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Thank you, @Maaeetz. Perhaps it is my mistake then.

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Just to update - SGG looked into my ticket and checked the logs, and things are working as they should. I was probably distracted and didn’t notice the Valhalla coins.

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