S3 "Conquer Midgard Morass" Issues - Not Appearing/ Not getting "Completed"

Several other players in my alliance have the following mission:

I don’t have any such mission. I’ve finished S3 normal, as have they.

At least this one doesn’t have any rewards, but looks similar to the missing advanced building ones that was recently fixed.

Do you have information about which version they & you are on?

Android/ iOS? Operating system etc…?

Also how much have both groups completed? Just all of normal? Or normal and hard…?

I’m apparently blind, because I just looked at missions a 3rd time and it is there. :man_shrugging:

My daughter’s account doesn’t have it, but as she hasn’t finished s1 yet, I presume that’s to be expected (she does have the tracking mission for s1).

I’d delete this topic, but it won’t let me.


Flagged it for the mods to remove :slight_smile:

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One mission listed for me is complete Midgard Morass. I did complete the mission the game does not recognize it.

I believe that relates to the larger mission of completing Season 3 as a whole. You’ll notice above the “Go” button a countdown to when the new provinces become available. Once they do, the mission will advance.


Asked & answered same question here:

Thanx Dan7. I hope you are correct.

Not the same question Guv’nor,. They were saying that they did not have the mission. I have it. I have completed it. It just does not recognize that I have completed it.

Guess we will find out in a couple weeks. I have the same thing on my missions list :slight_smile:


Answer is that basically that game won’t give “completion” as it cannot “go” to province 4 as it isn’t unlocked yet.

Evidenced by the “next in xyz” timer on both the map and the mission.

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I think most of the answer would be that this is not a “mission” in the true sense, and, if it was, completion would be when you finish all of season 3.

I’m not sure why the devs list it as a mission, but it is more a tracker of your progress. The real s3 mission is the one right after it that gives you a reward for completing all of season 3.


Merged for now. :slight_smile:

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Seriously, do people not remember this tracker mission from seasons 1 and 2?

Because it was there.

Hilariously, it IS the same question (and Rook rightfully merged it). Because my other alliance members were confused in the same way you are regarding it.

I passed over the topmost mission twice when looking because I’m so used to seeing a useless tracking mission there.

And that’s all it is. There’s no reward for it. It’s just another way to get to the next map for you. Which, in this case, it cannot do for another 18 or so days.

Yep, the exact same thing

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