S2 speculation

Season 2 hard mode says 210/270. 21 provinces with 10 levels each gives us the 210. Only 3 more provinces are visible, but 60 more levels are required. Either provinces 22-24 contain 20 levels each (highy unlikely) or there are 3 provinces under the maelstrom.

Or the quest is a misdirection .

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I think that with theese atlantean something is fishy… :stuck_out_tongue:


There are three more. When the last three are completed.

This circular underwater spacestation will probably contain the three final sets of stages.

Possibly a giant octopus could be the final boss.


The Kraken!

20,000 leagues

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Huh, I always thought it was a janky toilet of some kind.


I only recently noticed that the Atlantean thingamabob has been gradually rising out of the water with each month. So, excellent hypothesis, well done!