S2, province 6, stage 1

Hi, location of the issue is in a place mentioned above. After finishing hard mode I have received only 2 Atlantis coins but should be 5 I guess?

You got the 5. Look at the second entry from the top.

The 2 you’re referring to have come from a wanted mission (either hero, Titan or Raid chest).


The second 5 is for S2, province 5, stage 10.
I’m doing season 2 hard only since few days back. BTW, I know what I have seen as well so … :slight_smile:

Not sure what you’re meaning but I can tell you with 100% confidence that the 2 Atlantis coins are from opening a chest.

See how it says “wanted mission rewards”?
If it was a province/ stage it would say “Battle reward” Like the others.


Thanks for your help but yes you don’t understand what I’m trying to report.

Battle rewards are for completing levels, and you got 5 coins in all of them. See how the coins are at the beginning, just like they appear on loot screen after beating the stage.
The top entry in the log is when you opened probably a monster chest after killing 100 enemies, and coins from them usually appear last, just like in your screenshot.

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I do understand what you are saying…

I am TELLING you that there is no bug. You got the 5 coins. The 2 you keep referring to is NOT from a map stage completion BUT FROM OPENING A CHEST.

The difference is in the words on the recent activity…

If it was from COMPLETING A MAP STAGE it would say “Battle reward” as is the case for entries 2-5 on your screenshot.

the FIRST ENTRY on your screenshot however says “Collected Wanted mission rewards” which is from opening a CHEST. You’ll also note that in the entry with 2 Atlantis Coins there are 5 gems which CANNOT be received from map stages… ever.


@Guvnor is correct. The 2 coins are from a chest. The 5 coins are from beating an Atlantis level. If you are confident that the 5 coins are for s2 5.10h, then you probably only did normal on 6.10 and the level is still open in hard. If you need someone from SGG to look into the official record, you can contact them too. See link below.


No, the one for province 5 stage 10 is the third row (notice the timing: 12m ago)

Meanwhile, the first and second row have the same timing: now.

Did you open a chest after finishing province 6 stage 1?

If yes, then this is the order of the timeline:

  • 21m before: you complete S2:5-8 (5 coins)

  • 16m before: you complete S2:5-9 (5 coins)

  • 12m before: you complete S2:5-10 (5 coins)

  • Now: you complete S2:6-1 (5 coins)

  • Now: you open a monster chest (2 coins)

Your recent activity tab prove that it is not a bug.

Let me ask you some questions:

If the second row is from province 5 stage 10, how come it have the same timing as the first row?
Do you complete province 6 stage 1 in less than a minute?
If it took longer than a minute, then there is now way both province 5 stage 10 and province 6 stage 1 completed at the same minute (now).

Furthermore, there is one vital point that prove it is not from atlantis stage: the gems you received.

Completing an atlantis stage do not give you gems.


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