S2: Magic Mana stages: Talented status effects


I am not sure if this is intended behavior and hence raising this.
In the S2 magic mana stages, status effect and damage over time is supposed to be over one turn only.
I observed that when talented heros do damage over turn, the damage stays for entire duration instead of one turn only.
For example, Grimm bleeding damage stays for 4 turns and do not go away after one turn.


I suspect this is by design.

The Magic Night description explicitly says status effects cast by heroes, which would normally only be special skills:


Other sources of status effects like banners work normally too.

This actually seems like an insightful observation on your part about Talents. :slight_smile:

I would imagine this also means they can’t be silenced.

EDIT: confirmed here on the silencing:

(I found confirmation in a beta thread too, but can’t cross post that to here.)


Thanks for the information. As this is intended behavior, please help close the topic, I am not able to close it.

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