S2 Atlantis Hero Triton. - Special power broken

Triton special power (39% healing 4 turns) - known issue? You can use specialpower and you se icon heart on team, but it doesnt heal anything for 4 turns.

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I doesn’t actually HEAL…it boosts the healing for others healers and health potions used while it is active! It is worded strangely and is confusing, but it does do what it is designed to do.


His special does not heal allies, it increases the potency of other healing abilities. Pair him with another healer and you’ll see a definite impact.

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THis is crap! They really should make his special a little clearer. I feel like the game has duped me. I’ve spent all kinds of money, time, and resources building Triton up simply because I thought he had a rare special of attack + heal. What a waste I am so pissed. Have wasted all kinds of money and resources trying to build him up to where I can use him. I want my money back on this waste of space hero!!!


Triton is still a very good hero.


Thanks for the feedback, we are actually looking into clarifying the description of Triton’s special attack in the next update!


I’m going to disagree smoothie. For me he’s worthless. I was training him up to eventually replace Kiril among my 6 attack teams because he’s definitely not replacing my other blues (Magni x3, Isarnia, and Alasie). But he doesn’t heal. And so I can’t even replace Kiril with him as I don’t want to leave that team without a healer. I’m very frustrated with this particular hero.

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You can always pair him with a different-color healer like Vivica or Boldtusk, or use him for a bit of extra blue stacking for wars when you need it. Maybe he doesn’t fit into your original plan, but he’s not useless either.


Read the card. It’s very clear that he doesn’t heal. He boosts the healing you get from other cards.

Wow…just wow…


Throw him in d team on heal perk wars. His best use.

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Exactly. Triton with his attack special AND a health boost for BT/Del/Rigard? I’m sold.

If you don’t want your Triton, send him to me, I didn’t get him in my single 30x.

He’s got a big attack stat at 720 for a 4 star and is one of the more powerful fast single target 4 star hitters, if not the hardest hitting. He ALSO has a heal bonus. Seems fantastic to me…


I told my teammates exact same thing upon release. Sadly not a rare misconception that he doesnt heal and his stats are commonly overlooked

his skill is not ignored. after applying his special skill, he simply returns 25% of health to the character that was attacked. that is, after each attack on one of your fighters, he gets back 25% of his health if Triton manages to apply the skill. I have it and I see it after every application to them. I apologize for my English :grin:

well all my 3 star Atlantis Heroses are not upgrading their special powers. one is stuck on lvl 3 but maxed. Now that’s a waste of upgrading.

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