S1 Harvesters

Quick question: Does harvesters increase troop (and heroes) drop percentages? If yes omnia and item harvester or only omnia, ty.

Omnia increases all: food, iron, recruits and items.

The other 4 harvesters increases only their own type.

Edit: you can click on the harvesters to see their descriptions…

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Does items include troops and heroes to be more specific

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Pretty sure items only refer to the crafting and ascension materials, not heroes nor troops!

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Nothing increases hero and troop drops.

I haven’t use any of my harvesters since it is silly just to waste WE flags and/or flasks on S1 maps only to get a measly addition of 50% chance getting whatever that harvester is for. The harvesters should include S2 and S3 maps.


Yeah. They should include any map.


Drop rate is increased for those though during the AR :wink:

Nope. It’s the same rate per level. You’d get roughly the same spending all your WE on s1:8-7. Just a lot less of everything else.

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Troops drop rate is indicated as 0.1 during AR and 0.07 on 8.7.
Same goes for heroes 0.3 during AR vs 0.17 on 8.7

I hope Small Giant will make those harvesters effective also on S2 and S3 maps. That way, players still treading in any of those season maps to complete it will get the best value for the WE flags used as they finish each and every map.

I use the s1 harvesters exclusively on elemental chests. If I’m forced to farm s1, I want to get the best bonuses.

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