S1 8-7 issue

This has happened twice in the past two times i burned through WE today after updating…ive farmed this level thousands of times and my Joon at 4^ 55 and kingston at 4^50 have ALWAYS killed the two bosses at the end with their special…now i know that the damage will vary by up to 100 or so damage from time to time, i have noticed that but now kingston never kills the boss now and Joon kills the boss occasionally…Have the bosses gotten a little defense boost? Or maybe more health? Did both of my heroes get nerfed somewhat? And now another issue… i fired off kingston and QoH fast and then fired off joon and you can see from the pic QoH has her minion where i fired her off and you can see where the yeti has kingstons defense down on him…and it still has over half health so kingstons damage never registered…since the update hes doing a little better than 1k damage and the yeti only has 1200ish health…QoH does around 5 to 600 damage…shes at 4^74…heres the picture…

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