🕵 Russula – S4 Hero – 5* Ice/ Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

@Atem What is your take on Russula?

Personally, looking at her, I’m intrigued. Between the 30% incoming damage reduction and being a Rogue, it feels like she will be easy to underestimate.


She s a beast…she s a hero special for meta frigg-odin…first very Fast ice hero…her hiding special is awsome,she s charging in her hiding mode and At the final she hits all enemies who attacked in the moment when she is hiding…awsome!


I was thinking in the same boat. So I was surprised to see a few people posting about how they think she’s bad.

I picked her up this morning on pure luck. I have the Scopes, and am not thrilled about my other blue options. :slight_smile: I will be taking her to 3/70 at the very least, and we’ll see from there.

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The people who think she s bad,knows nothing of this Game…believe me!


Boy love that artwork!
And the damage dealed increases by increasing the atk stat, so that can make up quit some damage… given that everyone uses his/her special. I think around max 350ish per enemy ?
But I’m not sure if her special is in some way unsuitable compared to her speed, especially when you have to wait for those two rounds to pass to deal damage to all and therefore not be able to use the very fast special before cause the counter would be reset to two rounds again. That’s kind of a weak spot on my list.
Other then this I think the hiding thing is interesting but nothing to special, but that’s ok. A very interesting hero for sure.


Is “hide” considered a buff? Can it be dispelled by the likes of Melendor, Sabina, etc.?

That’s great and all, except if both Frigg and Odin fire at the same time, half my team is dead anyway so how exactly does she help me there?

If the -30% damage was for the whole team rather than just herself you’d be onto something, but no she does not effectively counter the current meta in her current form imo. You’re much better off using Lepiota.


It’s a buff but it’s undispellable. But I assume it will be removed, for example, in equalizer war.


20 thanksssssssssssssssss

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I did. I even got it myself. I’s the worst 4th season hero so far, that do close to zero damage at least if playing at top 10. It is not even fun as useless Lord Loki, it cant be even used in events, on titan, etc. It’s just a bad hero, that need a rework.


Here’s my thoughts!


Agreed at most parts. I’d give her a “C” tho. Just dont worth using 4* items if you have a better option. And if playing in top you would have a better option for sure.

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Fair point @Sage_Aggr

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How does being a rogue go against her purpose?

I think Fen was… AFAIK

Fenrir is fast. Acts like a very fast when he gets that killing going though.

Crap! My mind is going… Too true lol!

Lord Loki is useless? He is everyone in this game and you call him useless?


I can’t take you seriously the moment you said lord Loki is useless


In my opinion, Russula can be a very nice and effective anti-fast/very fast hero in an attacking setup. She punishes heroes if they fire while she is hidden, and if you choose attack path, her stat is obscene. Approx 680 damages (in defense) for her first hit, and around 580 per hero if she hits them with the second part of her special (a russian video on YouTube). I would not be disappointed if I pull her.