Russula or Rian?

While I await scopes, its time to begin the next project. I had planned after getting Skadi up to begin Russula…until the summon gods presented me with both Rian and Senan last event. Senan has a bit of a wait since I’m working on finishing Hannah, but the family bonus is calling to me for slayers. Still, which is the best choice for blue? Thanks all!

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I don’t have Russala, well… don’t have either of them to be perfectly honest, but from all reports i’ve seen on Line and such, Russala is a underwhelming hero in both attack and defence. I can personally testify to Russala’s underwhelmingness on defence.

So if it was a shoot-out between the two, I would lean to Rian purely because Russala is getting very little love.


Personally, I really like the design of both.

Both can tank, flank, and Russulla can even wing.

I agree with Guvnor, that Russula can be a bit underwhelming if you watch her on her own, but she complements great other dmg supporting heroes like C.Kadilen, Bera, Emilio, Sif or another Russulla.

Basically, you can make a team who punishes you for your action instead of inactivity, like usually…

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