Russula or Aouda, who should get my Rogue emblems?

Hello! I got 2x Russula 2 months ago and last week i got Aouda. I have around 2000 emblems in total.
Who should i get to +20? I’m f2p and those 2 will definetly be both in my main offense and defense so I really can’t decide who would profit more?

I’m tending to +20 Russula and rest Aouda, because I like the artwork of Russula more and maybe she profits more from the extra stats, because she hits more often as very fast and she will be on my flank. What do you think?

  • Russula +20, rest Aouda
  • Aouda +20, rest Russula

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Depending on what you need, blue or yellow. I’d do yellow, since I have lots of blue and only a few yellows.

Both aren’t top dogs, but anyway.

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I have a better option for you: just stop at + 18 for both.

Thank me latter :wink:


Fully support the previous two answers :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will try that. :smiley:

I want to add a new option as well.
2 russulas and split the emblems

I was thinking about leveling both as well. But i need 7 more Scopes for that. :smiley:
The more Russulas in the team, the more dmg from after 2 turns!

Exactly. Against a fast team, that’s almost 700+ (probably) damage stacked. They both can easily beatdown any fast team on their own

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