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Good catch. I should really understand my own post :frowning:

Market manipulation happens in NBA 2K as well. Some of it is controlled by bots too. It adds another element to the game.

Yeah it’s quite an oddity. I think it’s a psyhcological barrier. It could just be the final straw for some players. If I got a ten day no play stint, would I really come back and play after those 10 days?

Yeah I bet these are in depth conversations. I’d be interested in participating because of the number of variables involved and the complexity of the calculation.

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Good question. :thinking: I do go back to some games after ignoring them for awhile but that’s on my own volition. I wasn’t suspended. Think it’s >50% that I will just delete that game if I am suspended.

Cos I got irritated when I was kicked out after login in another game (their servers were running full; players were kicked out in turn to facilitate another player logging on :confounded:) I deleted that game immediately after the weekly tournament concluded.

If it’s a gem fine, resulting in gem deficit, I would probably just buy back in. If I liked that game enough to explore loopholes, paying a fine for being dumb enough not to stop when I should, should be doable.


It’s easy to think the game is rigged when randomness happens to you.

1 No red tournament this week and I get red diamonds in back to back attacks
2 go 4-1 in covenant quest and lose because I didn’t get enough tiles of my 4 on level 3! Oof embarrassing.
3 On that same attack, Waddles revived 8 times in a row, trying to make sure I won on an easy level.

I don’t actually think anything is rigged. I think random number does enough screwing one way or another.


This will make many happy


:joy::rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl: got to start somewhere. :joy::rofl:


Strikes are in the air.

We see it in Team Korea.
NBA 2K is seeing a lot of flack from content creators and many are talking about a pack strike.
Another game I play has recruited the top 10 alliances to boycott spending on an upcoming event after they fixed a “bug” that gave out too many rewards.
I’ve heard some say it helped Madden, but who really knows.

Maybe folks are enjoying life more. Maybe inflation is putting pressure. Many it’s the deep state. But every game I play seems to have a push to not spend. Let’s see where this takes us.


Whereabouts are you from Ruskin? Here in Oz, prices (houses, construction costs, food, everything) are crazy. So inflation is definitely a factor I would say.


I’m in the United States, but pretty sure inflation is up in most places. That can be inflation you see in every day things as well as in game costs we’ve seen a number of posts about.


Gaming industry revenue is generally ailing, even with player, and corresponding revenue, growth in certain regions.

Outlook is not good. Developers, who have been cushioned and cosseted during Covid, now find themselves beleaguered on all fronts:

• declining player base (RL effect)
• declining revenue (RL effect)
• increasing costs (RL effect)

One of my games has recently improved their monetisation efforts in the last 3-6 months:

• improved special offers (not much increased value)
• premium with purchase (not exciting)
• events tied to offers (should have caused a furore but I gamely threw some money in cos I like the developer)

Will be monitoring revenue for this game for awhile. Another interesting business case study.

The other games are still same same. Business as usual.

Looking forward to an update from you on those games you mentioned.


I do tnink inflation is playing a factor…

I personally stopped spending as much as before because of inflation… I would rather save the extra cash these tough days… I am in the US and raw chicken breast prices have increased by 50%… with everyday spending the price increase on most items comes out to a decent amount of your paycheck…

I also think that the ongoing war between russia and ukraine plays a role. Players from these countries are not regular like before and I think this drops the revenue generated from these countries.

Of course another factor is my bad summoning luck :muscle:

Also this game doesn’t really reward your spending which always makes double think when I decide to spend. Yes there is Fated Summon but its still lacking (not complaining though… its better than nothing).

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For the past three days I have not looked at the forum in the first half of the day and then only spent a few minutes at night. This is the least I’ve used the forum in as long as I can remember. My interest in the game hasn’t changed. My interest in the forum certainly has. I’ve also been spending more time outside these past few days.

As I’m set to return to the office a few days of the week, I’m curious how my play time will change. It’s very easy to play when I work from home 5 days a week.

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Same here, don´t spend much time on the forum these days unless I am looking for something specific. Started a new job, so I just don´t have the time… Still playing the game as before, well maybe more time efficiency in playing, but still getting the same things done and ignoring the same things, just less dawdling in between :smiley:

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I was lucky enough to pull C2.Lianna! It got me thinking about how old my roster is when it comes to five stars. My recent heroes by release date.

C2.Lianna: April 2023
Turgruk: April 2023
Gilligan: March 2023
Viselus: February 2023
C2.Isarnia: September 2022
Grace: September 2022
Klaern: July 2022
Aino: June 2022
Silvaria: April 2022
Kravekrush: February 2022

3 HOTM so far this year is pretty nice as are the ones from last year. But of the ten most recent heroes I’ve received, 2 aren’t leveled yet, 3 I have no plan to level, and two more are leveled with no intention of embleming/limit breaking any time soon.

It’s interesting hearing about frustration with the meta changing. It’s a world so different than mine. I’m at a point where many season 3 heroes (even without costumes) could be nice upgrades on my team, let alone seasons 4 and 5.

I don’t necessarily expect this to pick up anytime soon. Fated Summons has helped me pick up some solid heroes around my current strength. Soul Exchange has been even more helpful.

C2.Lianna is probably my best hero right now. It’s weird as I test some of these heroes in beta with my roster. Often at 4/80 they are better than anything I can use. Keeps me dreaming.


Nice idea to show and summarize about the last ten 5* heroes.

Here are mine:

04/23 : C2 Leonidas
Have a maxed Leo already so started working on the costumes immediately. Will do a second if I get more darts.

04/23 : Turgruk
Will be maxed, already at 3/55.

03/23 : Gilligan
Got three of him despite not doing many pulls in March. Two for SE and the 3rd will be waiting for a long time to be ascended.

03/23: Skadi from FS
My first real minion counter so aready maxed +3, monk emblems are a bottleneck for me.

03/23: costumed Ares
Started work slowly, will he maxed.

02/23: Killhare from HA10
Have the costume and an idea of a team to put her in, so will max her after Turgruk if nothing better comes around in purple.

01/23 : Zhuge Liang
Already maxed+16, need more Sorcerer emblems.

01/23 : Khagan from lunar new year portal. My first, but will probably go to SE.

12/23 : costumed Krampus.
Maxed, +19 emblems, two times limit broken.

12/22 : Ariel from FS
Already maxed +19 emblems.

12/22 : Bai Yeong from HA10
Waiting for darts.

11/22 : Morax
Maxed but no emblems.

That were 12 but two from HA10 and two from FS.

Looking back, 11 new unique heroes in 6 months is not too bad for a ftp.

Happy gaming


Interesting that you went based on acquisition whereas I was looking at hero release date. That would add heroes like Loki, Skadi, Malosi, and Milena to my roster.

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The other day I saw a post from a known troll asking for advice on who to level. I was partially tempted to give the worst possible response. I thought maybe it would stick it to the troll.
Ultimately I couldn’t do it.


What do you think about Aino ??

I (luckily?) pulled her from blue CoE but thought she is too vanilla (I even prefer Suzuna) so havent leveled her yet

Ps. I dont have Suzuna - I use C2-Kiril as my main Blue healer

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I have C2.Kiril and Aino. If I could only have one for raids, I’d choose Aino. C2.Kiril gets more use in other aspects.

I like Aino for the cleanse first part of her special. The mana status effect is there, but It’s not the main reason I use her.
I use C2.Kiril more for when I am worried about getting one hit by an enemy or know I can play the long game so the boosted health and defense buff helps keep me alive.

If I had to choose one, I’d choose C2.Kiril because I find overheal so valuable in so many other aspects (as well as the versatility the costumes provide and it’s cheaper). But for wars only, Aino is more valuable for how often I need a cleanse (especially a priority cleanse).

Suzana is interesting, but it all comes down to if you’re okay with self and nearby healers. I hate them. Brynhild is the only one I use and I only use her in a team with Hanitra and Alberich against a team with no healers and hit alls. I could use Suzuna in a similar role.

But I’m not confident I’d use Suzuna if I got her. I just find heal 3 heroes to be too limiting for what I need as I want a healer to heal my team. The rest of her kit is pretty nice. I’d probably use her most in rush war.


Thanks for the great reply! I will try to give Aino a chance after I finished priority blue projects (Loki and XHD)


you are good and kind :slight_smile: I get the temptation though! I totally do.