Ruskin's 3 Star Hero Removal Service (April 2024)

One common question we see is what heroes can we feed away to free up roster space. An alliance mate sent several pictures of their roster recently and I was able to cross out about half of the heroes in a couple of minutes knowing they aren’t that worth it. So I looked at all of the rare heroes available (thanks to Zartanis’s hero library and Elioty’s data vault) and came up with the list of heroes worth leveling and maybe more importantly, which heroes you can skip.

Dark keepers (in no particular order):

1 Healer: Aderyn or Para. Whichever one you acquire first will suffice. I probably give a small preference for Para for the passive.
2 Aqeela: dodge
3 Treevil: arguably still the best rare rush hero
4 Maeve: -44% defense down if you need it
5 Toon Balthazar: highest powered rare dark hero other than Prisca who can be avoided
6 Tyrum: dispel, costume cleanses

I went into this exercise planning to exclude duplicates. I was thinking I would keep C.Bjorn in this list, but I’d take the fast toons over him. I could also give special consideration for C.Renfield as a specialist. Greel was also in consideration for a maybe, but I’d probably rather go with another Treevil. Betty is a maybe/hold.

Heroes you can feed away: An-WIndr, Budatin, Chochin, Edd, GIll-Ra, Guardian Bat, Jack, Morganite, Morris, Oberon, Prisca, Vlad

Holy keepers (again in no particular order):

Let’s start with titan specialists:
1 Bertulf: I use him over Wu, but I’d gladly drop him if I had a better option
2 Melia: crit buff is rare. I only use her on mythic titans. If you have a better source or want someone you’ll use more often, you can skip her
Healers: 3 Candy and 4 Rekhetre. Rekhetre is superior here, but I never bothered to level her since I had Candy already leveled.
Slow heroes:
5 Sally: off of the top of my head I think she has the biggest special damage percentage
6 Pixie: mana control, but a bit dated
7 Jolly: newcomer who has been strong
8 Kvasir: what a unique hero who can be valuable in almost any rare tournament
9 Toon Bane and 10 Toon Gan Ju: both fast, both with high stats, both with toon resist. One blinds, one cuts mana.
11 Cedar: hit all and blind
12 Felton: buff stealer
13: Jaco: fast and steals mana. I have a slight preference for Jaco over Toon Gan Ju
14: Dolrak: defense down can be rare

Kinsaishi: I don’t see him much, but he can do a lot of damage. I have enough holy heroes that I don’t see him doing much in addition to the ones I named above.
Paeia: I think I’d rather have Jolly, but if you don’t Paeia may fill a role
Ribbit: I thought he looked good when first released. But I think Jaco is an upgrade.
Kailani: I’ve had her leveled, but never actually used her in all of these years. She can fill a role if you need her to.
Poppy: She was an upgrade over Bane and Gan Ju for me for a while, but there are too many fast rare holy heroes who surpass her now.
Edelaide: I don’t like the chance to miss and don’t think she’s worth it. But others may find her valuable.

Heroes you can feed away: Agnes, Arman, Dawa (I don’t think Toon will save her)

Fire keepers (in no particular order):

1 Boots: my favorite rare fire hero due to wither, but defense down and passive are nice. Might even want duplicates.
2 Bagreg: everyone loves EDD
3 Buster: damage increase
4 C2.Azar: She’s been my primary fast hitter for a while as mana cut is helpful.
5 C.Hawkmoon: healer, attack boost
6 Toon Jahnagir: there are a lot of rare red heroes and toon Jahangir is the best to me. Sudri was good for his time. I’d take Toon.J over Waqas. Li never had a time. Rufus can also be solid
7 Fawn: unique dodge skill

Maybes: Kornel for defense down, slow heroes mentioned above. Bauchun and C.Ei-Dunn for average mana cut to all. Starswift for never missing specials.

Heroes to feed away: Basil (might be the hero I’ve been most disappointed in over the past year), Dante, Li, Namahage, Nashgar, Phoenicus, Rudolph, Skrekok, Squire Wabbit, Vollermork (the hero I used to be most disappointed in)

Ice keepers (in no particular order)

1 Nordri: EDD
2 Frosty, Helo, or Guardian Lemur. C.Helo is the best for me, but I’d take the one you get first if you want a blue healer. Could even be Virgil here.
3 Dawn: amazing mana control
4 C.Gunnar: event specialist
5 C.Ulmer: attack up for events
6:Toon.Valen: another fast toon purely there for their stats
7 Yao: dispelling minions, good hit
8: Joukahainen: priority dispel
9: Swan Maiden: dance
10: Karil: I still use him for events and expect his toon to be great for mono blue

Heroes you can feed away: Chick Jr, Gato, Graymane, Jarif, Jarvur, Planchet, Soroca, Virgil, Vodnik

Nature heroes to keep (in no particular order):

1 Healer: Belith, C.Friar Tuck, Grevle, Faiez. Faiez is the best, but slow. I use to say Grevle for overheal, but Toon.Belith may be the best average healer for now. Faiez should be leveled for rush.
Fast hit 3s: 2 Alessia and 3 Zarola
4 Brienne: both base and costume can be effective
5 Dolgoon: high defense down, good for events when green is needed
6 C.Isshtak: for when you need defense down at average speed
7 Shrubbear: taunt
8 Zarel: mana boost for solo families
9/10: Yona and Roxia: unique specials
11: General Yin

Maybes: Mnesseus for dispel and Gramps for revive. I sometimes like Fianna for fiends.
William for passive.

Heroes to feed away: Berden (although fast defense down could be nice with costume), By-Ulf, Carver, Featherino, Gnomer, Goopy, Hisan, Muggy, Noril, Whacker.

Other stuff

Here is my roster for comparison to what I have:

Here is more about me and my thoughts: Ruskin's Journal

You don’t need to actually feed all of these away. Roster depth often helps.

I plan to link to this in future threads when folks ask about who to get rid of. You can too.

Which heroes did I get wrong?


Thank you. That’s Jaco.

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Controversial :rofl:


Very nice and thorough overview.
I can recommend dupes for Kvasir with costume, so you can block both minions and buffs. Very useful


@Ruskin505 what about these 3* from W3K?


Starswift now has the never miss special skill. Will go well with Boots and Bagreg.


I have him leveled, emblemed, and limit broken and don’t like him. Damage share + defense up can be good, but then adding counterattack doesn’t do much on top of it. I haven’t found him valuable when I use him and I find him easy to deal with when he’s on defense.

I didn’t like the idea of an average hitter that is subpar to boots and soon we’ll have more red toons. But starswift should be moved to maybe. Thank you.

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Good list. I’d put a higher premium on Bauchan for the mana boost personally (and wouldn’t keep Ei-Dunn if you’ve got Bauchan)


The most useful thread in today’s meta… PtP, FtP everyone will find it helpful… Even I was finding something like that :smiley:

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I haven’t used bauchan since I started using Rufus and boots. But I do remember the mana boost helping in rush getting heroes down to six tiles.

Thank you!


I don’t think that it’s clear cut that Boots is a lot better.

Level 50 Stats Boots Starswift
Class Barbarian Fighter
Attack 455 524
Def 458 481
HP 959 787
Speed Average Average
SS 1 200% to 3 265% to 3 (never misses)
SS 2 Wither to 3 : -40 attack, -40 defense +20% mana generation to 3
SS 3 -35% Def Down to 3 for 3 turns. Damage if removed before duration ends
Family Bonus Remove boosted health when taking damage from SS Chance to dispel random effect from enemy who deals SS damage
Passive 1 50% to deal 90% damage to all. -25% accuracy for 3 turns Resist Poison
Passive 2 20% damage received is shared with allies

Boots has the more debilitating ailments certainly, and that boosted health cut is great vs Faiez and Rekhetre. But Starswift has a higher chance of killing heroes outright with that 265% to 3 at a higher attack stat. I’d mostly be using both of them together so don’t have to choose, but if a player doesn’t have Boots and/or Bagreg, I think Starswift is a must max.


I’m loathe to feed away Dawa, Graymane and even Carver before their toons come out. Friar Tuck was pretty bad prior to costume and a late costume could possibly add a lot.

Also, with a thin roster, these heroes can work for lower levels of CoE…

I’m glad to be rid of my unlevelled Vodnik.


First of all, thank you for your contribution on this topic to advice new players!!

I will not say wrong but I would like to state the ones I still love to use and you recommended to be fed away.

This comes from perspective of Mid-Tier players : 135 total heroes (I recorded only important ones), 2 years (semi-active), C2P (spend around 10-15 USD / month) and 2600 cups. So it may be useful to new players from not-so-high-level perspective.

  • Kornel - You didn’t recommend to fed away this guy, but still I would love to mention about how great he is. He’s my PvE king even more preferred than Illmarinen or Wilbur. Kornel can do -68% def-down and with 6 turns, so PvE-wise I think he is very very strong.
    His 2LB and druid combined is durable enough to be used all the hardest statges in all the current game quests (perhaps not the upcoming treasure quest)

  • Noril - I think he is very useful in 3stars tournaments. Buff-booster he gets auto +40% and in Rush he will be very very fast due to his mana-stack. And because we agree that Maeve is the one to keep, Noril and Maeve together get stack-up very quickly.

  • Basil - I think because you are at high-level, but in my level, Basil is very solid in at least PvE - I just used him in last-stage of the latest Tavern of Legend (together with Kornel) and he make my defense very solid. (I have better choices, but I chose him on purpose to make ToL a bit more fun :smiley: )

Actually, I used him in rush 3stars tourney as well, and I think he is good because in rush where there is no heal, he can delay the damage very effectively.

  • Planchet - He is the only 3* who can eliminate Minions, and he hit quite hard in 3* standard. So in tournament, when there is a lot of Kvasir / Dawn, I will take him as a way to kill minions. His cover especially when paired with Felton is also nice-to-have in Bloody-battle.

  • Phoenicus - I just recently got him, but I love him already. He’s Fast and give the team +50% attack and +24% mana-generation which I think is rare even in 4* standard.

I would also love to hear comments from my tournament veteran/expert friends @Dzibong and @Ei-Dunn who are much more experienced than me in tourney.

edit also would love to hear @Ripobin_The_First 's (who i admire as an expert) opinion :smiley:


Amazing list. I respect your opinions and you have done a great service to new players and veterans alike. I will reference this thread before rare tournaments!



Graymane’s toon is out (I pulled it this morning). Very similar to Prisca’s toon (has extra damage vs fire). So one of the worst toons, imo

For raw tile damage, it has a slightly higher attack stat than toon Valen, but no other merit.


Nicely done, nicely written. Thanks for doing this!


Love the breakdown. Pretty much confirmed my views on the 3*s. Thanks for doing this.


Thanks for your kind words, @Ufeel
I’m not as experienced as OP or others here, but if you’d like, here are my opinions.

It all depends on playstyle, so there is no possibility of going wrong. It’s just personal preferences (and roster). 3* are really cheap to max (and even LB1), so in the worst case scenario, there is at least +1 for museum :wink:

From those heroes, who are considered here as feeders, I kept (mostly for tournaments and events):

Kailani: as a yellow Gunnar (but prefer costumed version and wish I had toon)
Edelaide: I use her on titans, my first 100k hit on rare 14* did with her (I am very weak on titans)
Basil: tricky one, I would say a kind of niche hero, I use him on 3* tournaments
Phoenicus: really love him, LB2ed him, for me one of the best 3*
Gnomer: vf sniper, I like he’s giving bleed. LB2ed
Noril: I really like Slayers, this one hits hard, LB2ed


Very insightful read and my team is mostly 3☆s (while i work on my 4☆s).

I like both Mnesseus (with and without costume).
He can either be used a sniper or dispeller (i use him more as a dispeller) as he’s pretty fast.
I usually pair him with Rekhetre. With the overheal and debuff farming has been pretty easy (but im only level 25)

Between cHelo and Rekhetre i tend to use Rekhetre more since i LBed and emblemed her but i’ll try Helo with Mnesseus too.

Goopy’s damage is good if you can eat enough green tiles and I’ve no regrets leveling him.

Thanks for putting this together, will definitely refer here for who to prioritise with my 3☆s


thank you for your time doing this post :+1::+1: