Rush Tourney Elizabeth vs Alfrike

During one of my attacks, I had an unexpected result and am questioning if this is accurate.

MoNo, C-Viv, Alfrike (dead), Elizabeth, Moreau

On my team, I fired Alfrike’s special, hitting MoNo, C-viv and Elizabeth. All three showed the status effect of mindless attack. The next move, Elizabeth special was powered up and instead of hitting someone on her team, mindless attack disappeared and she hit me.

Unfortunately, I do not have screenshots or video.

I can send my game info and a screenshot of the team I am referring to if needed.

Hopefully, someone can explain this to me.

Are you sure it showed? Her talent can block mindless attack.


I know it can resist. I am pretty confident the status effect was on her. Unfortunately, without video or screenshot I cannot confirm.

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