RUSH tournaments should have ALL colour heroes for play!

While playing the current no Holy - RUSH tournament, I realised that it is stupid to have a rush tournament where most of the tiles that show up are Holy against a mainly a Dark tank Treevil that is insane in this format !

Having all colours gives some sense / FUN to the RUSH tournament where everyone charges up fast !

Also, other tournament formats can stay as is… !

The match & even tournament becomes over soon unless players want to spend gems.
While SG has every right to keep rolling out any type / number of heroes across stars, whenever they want… they need to apply some logic to the format of the tournament / play situations !

Does anyone at SG think about such things ?! @Petri ?!

What do you think !

This is not a VENT but a thought !

Upcoming Rush Raid Tournament for 3s. No Yellow… hmmm… what could we put in the portal that could you know make people chase a 3?
Treevil was born.


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