Rush Attack Tournament - Best Hero Selection

In the current Rush Attack Tournament all Special Kills are set to Very Fast. Firstly could someone explain what this means in layman’s language. Does this mean, irrespective of their current speed, Fast, Average or Slow - every hero is set to Very Fast?

Secondly what are the best heroes to use in this tournament?

I am using a Dark/Ice mix of:

Seshat (5 Emblems), Grimm (18) Kiril (7) Proteus (7) Rigard (7)

I get that it depends on the opposition, but all things being equal would I have a better mix with any of the following:

Kelile (13)
Boldtusk (9)
Skittleskull (9)
Wilbur (7)
Melandor (9)
Wu Kong (6)
Sonya (6)
Gretel (4)
Caedmon (3)

Yes. Instead of being slow, very slow, medium etc… Everything is fast (i.e. charges in 6.5 tiles pre any troop modifiers)

Best heroes are subjective :slight_smile: it’s still all about synergy & picking the team vs. the tank/ enemy you face.

I’d be picking each time based on the tank and flank/wing on one side of the defence. Stack it up against them :slight_smile:


Cheers @Guvnor I have always thought about the tank colour, but including one side is a very interesting tactic I have never thought about. Once you take out three it is usually curtains so I like the logic. Thanks

Yeah I tend to make teams to be either strong or neutral against the tank & flank+ wing on one side of the defence team.

That way I can take out one side (in theory) with tiles allowing me lots of “ghosting” space…

Works most of the time :slight_smile:


Yes, you are understanding the Rush Attack correctly.

As Guvnor said, you should still mostly choose heroes so your attack teams have good synergy (accounting for both stacked tile damage and special skills).

Lastly, you should take your mana troops (if any) into account. Any hero you pair with a level 11 mana troop (and maybe lower if you have some costumes and / or emblemed the mana bonus node) will fire in SIX tiles. There’s a huge difference between 6 and 6.5 tiles - this breakpoint is key.

For example, I have blue mana troops at level 22 and 11 (because I have and often use two Valeria in wars). I don’t have this luxury in other elements (where I only have 0-1 suitable mana troop); as a result, I expect most (and maybe all) of my attacks will have at least two blue heroes. My plan will often be to make two blue matches, fire Frida / Isarnia, win raid.


Take slowies for your attacks, since their specials are mostly better, but use average and fast counters, too if better synergies will beat better specials. For example cleanse against devastating ailment dealers or dispellers against heavy buffers.

In rushs healing is very useful imo, since very fast healing can help to keep your team alive against all those ultrafast whole team damagers. I’d recommend to take at least 2 healers to attack.

Riposte will help against AoE to make the enemies committing suicide.

It’s also helpful to have as many different specials as possible without much or even any redundancy.


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