Rush attack, recommended qualities of Defense team heroes and Attack team heroes

I have red many threads relating to the Rush Attack but no ware it was mentioned that the required Qualities for Attack team/Defense team. Also observed that the statement “mana speed for all heroes are set to very fast” this is also not true, something is designed by SGG for every raid tournament and who is meeting that requirements are winning. I am kept 3* fast heroes mono blue but my team is defeated against small TP teams even though Tiles are displaced, my team heroes are not gained mana as fast as defense team

Well, there may be no specific thread or post comprehensively laying out the foundation for a good team for both offense and defense during rush wars and tourneys. If you haven’t noticed, everything is based on the RNG of the opening boards. Even if you have a fully emblemed and limit broken team of heroes, if the opening boards are not favorable, or you failed to manage getting favorable tiles in the first 3-4 turns, you are bound to lose most of the time. Truth be told, if you read those threads you have read, you will get some idea from some forum users why the use certain heroes for both offense and defense, and the reasoning behind such hero.

Oh, it is true. All heroes during rush wars and tourneys have their mana generating speed changed to Very Fast, regardless of the original mana speed of the hero. Thus, all heroes charge their mana, during this rush events, in 6.5 (or 7) favorable tiles, or in 3.25 (or 4) favorable tiles while ghosting. If you manage to come up with a total of +9% mana speed bonus from whatever sources (mana troop and/or costume bonus and/or mana bonus from talent, etc.), you will be able to have such hero fire in 5.5 (or 6) favorable tiles, or in 2.25 tiles (or 3) favorable tiles while ghosting. Fully emblemed heroes with costume (except those from the SandEmpire) that is either druid, monk or sorcerer do not need mana troops for them to fire 6 or 3 tiles as the total mana bonus is already at 9% (bonus talent node of +4% plus the costume bonus of +5%).

Again, even with the best heroes on either offense or defense, if the tiles do not align, you are bound to lose.


I am placed 3 x Gato fully maxed and Valen amd costumed gunnar all are emblemed for 2 levels, 6 to 7 blue tiles are matched but still mana is less than 50% I did not get opportunity to attack the opponents and my team was defeated against red and purple heroes just maxed no costume, no emblems

3 star tournaments dont allow the use of mana troops that would allow full mana with 6 tiles.

That said, if mana didnt even reach 50% then somethings wrong. Best if you screenshot the before and after to support your statement.


Probably not the best choice for rush. All heroes have the same speed there, so you want heroes that are normally slow or average. They are most of the time slower for a reason.

That shouldn’t be possible. Some Screenshots or better videos would probably help here and if that’s really the case without some other influences that messes with your mana you should either contact support or post it in bug section.


In the previous tournaments this team is winning on first day against even little bigger TP all the 5 battles but yester day I lost 2 battels

Therefor I am thinking instead of random selection of heroes, I would like to level some special heroes particular to raid tournaments

That seems like randomness.
As others have mentioned, we’re all skeptical of the claim about mana speed but help us show what’s going on.

As for strategy, I’d go read the raid tournament threads. They’re pretty active each week. Plenty of players discussing strategy.

Purple opponents sounds like cRenfeld at work

I used a Gunnar tank for my first two attacks in this rush tournament and he got destroyed twice in a row (but then I go without emblems and my opponents don’t). I probably should have listened to the people that suggested Ulmer instead. My next 3 attacks only required 2 blue heroes so I went with Nordri and Helo. I still won the first 5 attacks I made (I don’t play day one generally and I don’t pay to continue as by then my unemblemed (spellcheck suggested unembalmed!) teams are facing 100 emblem teams).

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