Rush attack mana charge speed

I just finished rush attack of this week.
In my attack, I had three purples, seshat with mana troop level 6, rigard costume +7% mana bonus with mana troop level 6, cyprian with crit troop level 4.

I noticed several times that rigard charged ahead of seshat or cyrian charged way ahead of rigard or seshat.

Although it is rush attack, why they not only charge at different speed but also the slowest one (cyprian) charged first?

Rigard would make sense since he has the 5% bonus and doesnt need a lvl 11 troop

Cyprian, not a clue


Costumes, mana troop lvl7 and some talent nodes may increase charging times, ailments of enemy talents and specials can reduce it.

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In other cases, seshat charged ahead of rigard. my point is it was not consistent.

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didnt have any mana ailment for those cases I noticed weird charge speed.

I guess see if others noticed anything odd

Right now we have a subjective point of view with no screenshots or video and no one else coming forward sayin they noticed the same thing so really don’t have much to think about or go on :man_shrugging:

Also, who were you fighting?

Sorcerers can delay mana, as can several heroes like Alasie and LJ

As I mentioned above, there was no mana ailment in those cases. I pay attention to status of heroes. Otherwise, I would not report this as a bug.

I also had to double check my troop assignment a couple of times due to this issue.

agree as there is no evidence.

however, I’m sure I was not mistaken because I calculate number of tiles to charge up my stacked color but the result was off from my calculation and messed up my game plan.

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Rush attack, if you have lvl 11 mana troops, you will charge a hero with 6 tiles. (Non ghosted)

Any additional mana bonus gets this faster.

I’m not sure if you have blind on a particular hero, and a tile misses, he gets charged less maybe???

Any body else get an E defense rating lol

Rigard with mana troop and costume only need 6 tiles to charge.

Seshat still need 7 tiles.

If after 6 tiles you fire Rigard skill, his mana will be back to 0.

Then with a match 3 tiles, your Seshat will be ready to fire but Rigard only halfway. (Seshat charged ahead of Rigard).

Anyone notice the mana speed is off taking longer and my hits are not as hard as they used to be before this last software update. I’m quitting the game until this is resolved.

How will you know it’s resolved if you quit?

To answer your question, no I haven’t noticed anything different…

All my heroes still charge with exactly the same number of tiles.

Try counting the tiles used to charge your heroes & report back with the # of tiles, the hero & the troops used?

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I have my team reporting back and today I tested it again. Yes, I have been counting the tiles this is how I know it’s off.

Idk then friend. My account is working same as always… no changes here.

Also haven’t seen any other mentions of this in any of the Line Chats or any other forum post…

As you haven’t actually provided any evidence of it being “off” (i.e. the number of tiles to charge, the hero & the troops involved) I’m not able to help any further or make any more suggestions…

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