Rush Attack in Raid Tournaments

I find the idea to use Rush Attack in Raid Tournaments is turning out horribly. You are a true slave to the opening board…even more than before. If you can’t take out an opponent in the first few shots you’re doomed. I understand SOME luck is needed in this game. But Rush Attack makes the outcome virtually pure luck and ruins any hope for strategy. I hope this is only a ‘test’ because it’s just not fun.

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Yeah rush attack really makes it even more about luck than it already is, I’m not a fan of it being a war buff.

Yep, especially when the raid tourney defense uses mono of the weak color to the element that is absent in such raid tourney, say Killhare - Kunchen - Alfrike - Ursena - Onyx and no holy element. Can’t skip this defense in raid tourney.

So are you talking about in wars or tournies?

In tournies I kind of agree with you. I was destroyed by 4 Alfrike tanks in one no yellow rush tourney.

For wars I think it is different where you can stack the strong color against the tank and where you have some choice in the opponent you select (we are a top 50 alliance and have faced 1 purple and 1 green tank team, but the purple team was not all Alfrikes thankfully). I kind of find the change refereshing and makes you think about team composition (particularly in defense) and also makes you change your board strategy somewhat.

Personally, I love the rush attack. It gives me the chance to take some of my slow heroes off the bench and let them have a run.

I usually play 4 + 1, with the 1 being an off-colour healer. The trick is to understand that you are not going to stop your opponent’s tank (at least) from going off, so how can you stack your team to withstand that?

One thing these last two wars made me realize is that, since all heroes are now very fast, I should assign my troops differently on my mono teams. For example, any hero with a costume with a mana troop any level will fill his mana in 6 tiles (as opposed to 6.5). If they have the talents bonus, maybe they won’t even need a mana troop. My BK costume with 20 emblem levels is ready to fire in 6 turns, so I put a critical troop on him and gave his mana troop to another hero. I will definitely use this in the next rush tournament.

I think the meta has shifted dramatically with emblems and I had to change my favourite line-up strategy. I always played 3-2 with 3 aimed at the tank. I have changed to 4-1 to be able to combat the higher health/defense of level 20 emblem heroes with more tile damage. Within the 4-1 I make sure to use the 1 off-color as primary healer (I have the luxury of 3 upped Ariels for this, one with 18 emblems, also Delilah, Vivica, and Kunchen come to mind). And within the 4 I use a secondary healer (HOT or elemental link). Think Tarlak, Aegir, Red Riding Hood, Ares, Khiona and the likes. This strategy has helped me with coming up with strong war performances again after having slipped badly. But it is still true that rush wars make you very dependent on your starting board. What I found is that because I don’t have a lot of strong slow heroes levelled, and furthermore no emblems spent on them, that I rediscovered some average heroes that are very good for rush wars or tournaments. For example, I forgot about Red Riding Hood for the most part, but she has been coming of the bench for me as secondary healer in 4-1 and also in rush she’s very good. Just look at your average heroes and see who can become strong in rush. I also still bring good fast or very fast heroes with high emblem levels, like Drake Fong and Gravemaker. Mana control is also crucial for rush, so Hel, Mitsuko, Neith, Guinvere as mana stoppers or stealers and Alasie, Telly for mana slowing can have a big impact on how your attack fares, especially with less than ideal boards. If I look back at the heroes I mentioned, I realize that they are all HOTM’s or Tournament heroes, so if you have to work with vanilla heroes, it becomes harder. Although there are some slow heroes that are really good for rush like Isarnia, Vivica and Elena.
What I do like is that all those different types of tournament and wars spice up the game in the way that I have to think of new strategies and line-ups.

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