Rush Attack - Best Heroes

Just wondering who people like to use in their rush attack defense teams.

I’ve got a maxed Quintus and Colen that are pretty much first on my teamsheet.

I’m currently leveling the poorly regarded Guardian Owl as I think he would be an absolute beast with the rush attack rules taking his special from very slow to very fast!

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Azlar + Wilbur must be up there.

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Wilbur would be straight on my team if I could ever get him!

Be a real annoyance to fight against

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Mom Azlar Justy Quizzy Isa

Azlar Rana Boss Yunan Owl

Viv Miki Yunan Azlar Kunchen

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Miki - case closed

Very fast silence of 3 heroes with team buff is no different than turning the enemy team into sandbags to be punched till lights out.


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