Running out of mats

I am running out of materials to craft certain things I frequently use:
Midnightroot, I think that is an overall issue. I need them for potions and bombs to finish certain events.
Hardwood Lumber for Dragon attacks.
Fine steel for healing potions.

I researched common crafting mats and uncommon in the alchemy lab but am confused how it works.
Is the alchemy lab helpful to create items I need?

I basically run level 8 continuously. Gives 4 3* mats a day which definetely boost my shortage and slmost 2000 alkashards a month makes it worthwhile for me.

There is always farming atlantis currently. I usually burn a few flasks and tickets here for a boost.

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Level 8-7? And yes. I do use my loot tickets for Atlantis and got some hardwood timber enough to make 3 dragon attacks :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.

Level 8 out of 20. Some refer to it as level 4b. Thst is just for clarity

4 mats a day are 120 a month. Not early retirement but does help to plug the gaps.

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