Running out of mana potions

Does anyone else have the problem of constantly running out of mana potions? Farming for strong rope and midnight root doesn’t always work? How have you solved it?

What kind of mana potions are you using?

All of em - whatever’s available. Completely out. Just farmed 38 world energy worth of levels and got 5 rope to craft 5 minor mana potions. Not even enough for 1 titan hit. Are you in the same boat? What am I doing wrong?

I’m always out of mana pots on my profile with Miki. That guy drinks a lot :grin:


each item has an area that have more chance of dropping it. My issue is usually with minor mana potion.

I start farming season 1 9-1 for large bone and 10-9 for leather strips with my extra energy.

Atlantis rising is the best time to restock for any item!

It’s leather stripes, for minor mana, not strong rope, that was way I was puzzled. I have no trouble with it farming SI 8.7 and 9.9. However, I’m low on large bones from time to time, refueling during Atlantis in SII 6.10 H. Excesive farming during Atlantis Rising might solve your problem. Keep all loot tickets and WE flasks in Atlantis and you’ll get lots of crafting mats.

As you can see, leather strips are not an issue, large bones are also needed for harpons, so I always have less than leather strips, but I do use lots of minor mana on titans. This weekend I was away snowboarding so I mostly missed out on Atlantis, so I’m lower then usual on mats.

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Once there was a point where I was out of roots, too. Now I hold 1000s.

Then it was grimoire dust and now it’s crude iron.

Maybe there will always be a bottle neck of something. You can only try to work around it until it’s getting better.


@Olmor, today I don’t have enough beer. Are you saying that in the future I’m highly likely to have 1000 beers? :grin: :beers:


I don’t get it… Atlantise Rises is just 2 days ago… and you already running out of craft material?
If I running out leather strip or large bones, I farm in variety S1:8-7, S1:6-8, S1:5-8, S1:7-4.


If your supermarket will offer sth like dufflantis rises maybe. I x my fingers for your 1000 beers.

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“You can have any brew you want… as long as it’s a Corona” Dom Toretto said about 20 years ago… I don’t think he suspected his favorite brand will share a name with a 2020 virus…


I stopped using too much items on titans, since I once really ran out several things. I usually use small mana potions and harpoons. For stronger titans tornado + medium mana. It has been quite a while since I ran short on any crafting mat. I mainly farm for backpacks. Also I usually don’t rush for top ranks in event challenges, so there I save mats, too. I usually just play until I have enough points that grants me the reward tier with the troop tokens. The few times I tried to reach higher levels It was just too time consuming and I ended up reaching a higher rank only on legendary i think.


No, I don’t run out. Normally I try to keep 2k baby Mana, so I can tell how many in used on a Titan. See I used 7 baby Mana on our last Titan.


Carlsberg don’t make viruses. But if they did…

Sorry I’ll not be off-top now. Also always short of roots. I use loot tickets on S2 12.10H which is good for crude iron too.


I wish that was my inventory :frowning_face:.

@PacificOcean I’m always running out of mana potions, so you are not alone. Atlantis Rising as others have mentioned is the best time to stock up on crafting materials. Mana potions
Minor potions are occasionally and very rarely, available as a Hunter’s special too.
Hunters Special for most used battle item, such as mana potions

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It could be, just use your resources wisely. I don’t spend any gems on buying refills. I got this by farming and not overusing items. Takes a bit of practice using cheap items only but it is 100% possible

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6-8 is my go-to stage outside of AR


I’ve ran into this issue in the past. What I did was stop using mana completely for a month, how hard that might seem. Try your best to keep up to your alliance’s average and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

No mana for a month not only restocks your inventory, it also teaches you to work a board in more creative ways.


I also do that. Not for a month though, for a few days at a time.

If you’re as short on them as OP is, I’d go with a month🤣