Rumplestiltskin or Magni final ascend?

We’re on the same boat. I am choosing Rumple simply because he is unpredictable and that is where the fun is.

Predictable is boring. Game should be fun.



They should make a hero whose special is smth like this

Special Skill: Very fast

Randomly casts the special skill of an existing Hero of the Month.

I’ve also always wanted a 5* that casts riposte on all allies and enemies to watch the bloodbath that would follow. Win or lose

I’ve also wanted a hero that reverses mana speeds


Now that is what we call fun!
Reversal mana is a great idea indeed.

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Yet people seem not to like Mok-ar!


Who is this Magni lady?
With all hailing RNG, Rumple would definitely be on the penultimate team …>>>>Danzaburo, Rumple and Ranvir

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I’ve got all the mats to ascend another blue 5*. Already got rumple at 70 waiting. But recently got Richard, don’t know how to do. Already got isarnia 80, and Thorne 80.

You will probably have to wait for the next fast mana blue hero like Magni.
I’ve got a +4 Richard as a tank and he barely keep me in diamond. Hovering around 23xx - 26xx with 3 other 4 * heroes.

Rumplestilskin is waiting yes. It’s all what he knows.he’s waiting from the very first grimm forest eventHehehe. I’m thinking in ascend another thorne. I like the beat of him

I like enemies being rumpled.

My Thorne had been collecting dust sitting at chair no 3 45. Just good enough as a supporting actor in AW. His pulverizer damage is okay but Richard’s buff help big time. Guess you should go with Richard.
I am going Rumple because he offer more fun and one of his special is scarier than Azlar’s; provided that it goes off.
And it’s a coincidence the unused 463 socerer emblem is reserved for him.
Hero class comes into considerstion when upgrading.

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My rumple 3-70 he’s already scary. Love to play with him. But I’m lack of good reliable blues

The classic hero like Magni will keep us in diamond. Even more with emblem. He usually killed before he die. I’ll take him any day over Misandra.
Imo, the best blue is simply Alasie but she is quite hard to get.
We’ve got to utilize the heroes in possession no matter how bad they are. Just look at Thorne. Most said he was among the worst but you find him interesting. Richard is rated well below Guin, Kunchen or GM as a tank but he keep me in diamond.
Just a matter of personal preference.

I have the same decision.
I’ve only 6 scopes as of today’s Frostmarch so whoever doesn’t get them will be waiting a while (or forever).
My max blue 5’s are Aegir +10, Alasie +9, Frida, Richard and Isarnia. I’ve max 4* blues coming out my ears.
I like to raid with stacking three against the tank and two against one flank.
The three I usually use are Aegir, Alasie and Frida.
If I’m only using two then its Alasie and Frida.
Neither Magni nor Rumple will break that two-stack but Magni might
break the 3-stack sometimes.
I think Rumple would be good fun to use in quests etc but obviously would be unreliable in raids.
I’ve 8 (9 when I max Kingston this week) 5* snipers so I’m not in dire need of another 5* sniper but my feeling is Magni is still the logical choice. I’ve 25 max 5*'s in total so either one will be a little bit of a luxury.
Rumple would be fun though and he’s actually my only 5* challenge event hero so it is slightly hard to leave him sitting.
It’d be interesting to hear peoples thoughts especially from those that had the same decision.

He’s one of the best heroes I have. I use him in everything.

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