Rumplestiltskin or Magni final ascend?

Titan says it all…
Let me know what you think…

without knowing your team…Magni.


I have similar situation, only have to choose between Alasie and Rumple.

I have Sartana, Lianna, Gravemaker and Vivica. 3 hard hitters + Gravemaker and just one healer (slow one)… Look like Rumple could be more useful. Still thinking :slight_smile:

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…Rumple… is a garbage tier 5*. While his stats and mana are good and his specials are all useful, not being able to control what your hard earned hard trained 5* does is absolute trash. Level any 5* blue (and most 4* blue) over Rumple. P.s.-Magni is amazing.

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I’d do Alasie if it were me.

Thanks Dante and also Eddard :wink:

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Rumple doesn’t seem special to me and Im not a fan of his randomness. If I happen to get him Im probably just store him away like I am Boss Wolf.

Also Magni as he’s great :grin:

Rumplestiltskin is a random Swiss army knife that can cut yourself 1/3 of the time.
Magni is straight forward and can defend heroes next to him.


Magni. Period. End of story.


Hey Dude, I thought there’s a Mrs. Dante waiting at home?

Yup, she’s at home, dressed like an Eskimo. Don’t ask.


Rumplestiltskin is a random Swiss army knife that can cut yourself 1/3 of the time.

Great descriptive phrase @resol :fist_left:

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Rumplestilskin! Don’t listen to all these cucks signaling for the guy they already have. Be the first to have a 4^ rumpl, if I don’t beat you to it!

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Healing everyone, attacking everyone, or giving Incredible buffs to the whole field is “cutting yourself”? Something tells me you don’t have him…


I think the question with Rumpyboy is whether you get a special effect you need when you actually need it, or not.

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I was more being appreciative of the creative metaphor than it’s accuracy.

I don’t have him, but I still like to praise an interestinh contribution :blush:

I’ve been running an offense team with a fully maxed emblemed Rumple.

[Lianna] [Azlar] [Rumple] [Boldtusk] [Hansel]

I pick up a match against a blue or green tank, and get rolling.

If green tiles come out early, it’s a quick match as Lianna and Hansel trash a team.

If the tiles don’t flow, I can still play the long game with Boldtusk and Azlar

Rumple has a 66.666% chance of doing something useful by the time he procs: mass heal + cleanse - or - a burn and dot more powerful than Azlar’s. It’s beautiful when those two stack.

Rump’s weakest skill is his armor-down, but I’ve used it effectively (again mid-game in longer matches) if the tiles are there, and enemies are weak. But that’s the weak link. That’s what makes him frustrating.

As for your d-team, I hold cups with maxed out [Sartana] [Lianna] [Rumple] [Azlar] [Joon] around 2300. So he’s not the best center. He seems to be roughly the same as Azlar center.

I need a center :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I love Rumplestiltskin, and Magni looks lame as hell: shirtless wonder with a goofy hat ;D


If you want a bit more fun Rumple is a must have hero. Never quite sure what will happen, bung in an Inari and Ranvir an it’s pot luck time. Sure does add some fun and unpredicitability beyond the board gods.

Or if your actually looking to get up the diamond raiding league Magni is probably better and you do know what he will do. I want some fun though, it’s a game.


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