Rumple is the coolest hero in the game or uninstall the game

If there is one hero I could choose to hang out with, it would be Rumple. Who would you pick?

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Salmon Loki of course.


Brand, his beard reminds me of Anchor

And who doesn’t want to be reminded of Anchor?

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Not sure, tbh
I have so many faves.

Yes, you say “hang out with” and I think he is very cool person that give advise and gradings. I also watch other people on YouTube and some are cool too like one “Happy Waffle” person.

Yes, they are both equally cool!

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Pest? Are you level 184?
How is that possible? Is that photoshop?
Is there even enough time in the day to get that high?
I don’t believe there is.
Do you “hang out” with Rumple all night, and some sort of magic happens to get your level that high?
Someone once told me I should trust no one with a levelled Rumple…hmmmmm…

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Rumple isn’t a real person, so no we don’t “hang out.”

I wouldn’t trust anyone with a maxed Rumple either. They probably cry about how he isn’t any good and that they want their scopes back.

Yes I level once a month using loot tickets. I have been playing for 15 years.

Thank you for the clarification!
And if you could point in the direction of all of these loot tickets, I would really appreciate it. My math says it will take me 25 years (Admittedly, it is not my best subject)

Red Hood i got her today from academy instantly liked too bad outdated in terms of usage and power.
Hope for change cya!

Maybe she will get a costume. Hopefully one like Vivica’s. Her stats a pretty solid if you run her with other Grim heroes.

Hey, we don’t need Vegas Red Hood tyvm.

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Oh yes we do. And costume Garnet.