Rumpelstilkin! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

I have not heard anyone talking about Rupelstilskin

What do you think about him, and is he worth putting in lineup?

If I had a thin bench of heroes and didn’t get many new ones, I’d be very happy having Rumpels in my hand and ascending him. His Skull skill is very powerful, particularly paired with an attack boost . Cross is a little underpowered, but healing+cleanse is a rare and valuable skill. Stars are great, simultaneously increasing your team’s attack and weakening the foes’ defenses.


  1. You can’t depend on what you’re going to get. I’m not likely to go without another healer, so Rumpels is displacing an attacker. But he only attacks one cast in three…
  2. The heal is on the weak side. For a 5*, average mana hero, I’d look for the heal to be at least equal to Rigard’s. It’s weaker (and unpredictable, see #1
  3. The Stars buff/debuff are weaker than most other hero’s, so you risk replacing a strong attack buff (e.g. Boldtusk) with a weaker one.

So, I didn’t try hard for Rumpels and didn’t pull him–which is fine. I got the three gems: Red Hood, Gravemaker and Hansel.


I think it’s still to soon for a verdict. I’ve been farming with him lately and it seems that his specials are all very valuable, no matter which one you get… Which makes him a catch 22 hero for me. Similar to Wu in that they can be very unreliable since you have no control over which special he’ll fire. Hey may case damage when you really need him to heal, etc… Having said that, he’s a ton of fun to use for sure, but only when you don’t have to depend solely on him… I would say that he’s a commodity rather than a necessity… I just started working on him this week, but only feeding him blue 1s, and that will be the case for a the foreseeable future. However, I would not level him up if you have any other blue 5s, almost any other is worth leveling up in my opinion, unless he’s all you have. I can’t wait to have him as a playable hero in my roster but mostly for a fun factor and not as viable offense… Defense on the other hand might be really interesting since pretty much any special he fires will be bad news for the attacker…

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This is my line up. I only have one lvl 5, and rumple will be my second.

Rumpels will bring a lot to your team!

I received Magni, and Gravemaker.

That’s seriously good luck! Both are grade-A heroes. Personally I would focus on Magni first, but you are light on healers, so perhaps Rumpels’ special is better.

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U mean

He’s a wild Card indeed. the photoshop is a joke LOL

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Being American I love the name. Pretty much describes the Orange man to a T.


It’s also funny in japanese because they ask u to play TRUMP they mean playing cards like the one Rumpelstiltskin is holding LOL

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