Rumours? Or truth? Who is getting nerfed in v20? Why not now?

I read posts about fi Aegir to be nerfed from 20 on. I’d like to know if so, why not from 19. And of course what will happen at 19 and what hetoes get nerfed too.

If these are fairytails the please stop placing those reactions

Just a rumor that he’s getting nerfed. He is getting changed though.


Can you really nerf aegir? I think removing his special all together would actually be a buff.


Nooooooo how will i feast on the aegir tanks then??


It’s about time. Most 4*s are better. He needs something useful, as is, he is the weakest hero out there.

Why V20? Because that wasn’t on the “to do” list for V19. There’s a small dev team that can only do so many things at once. V19 is mostly about the new Wonderland event plus new HotM and event heroes.

BTW, “nerf” usually is understood as “make worse”; it’s the antonym of “buff”. What staff has said is on the docket for V20 is “rebalance.” Presumably some heroes get buffed, perhaps some heroes get nerfed.


I don’t think small dev team is a viable excuse anymore

I know businesses that are worth a million who have more staff than these guys


You expect that every release will solve every known issue, suggestion, improvement, or whatever? Or are you asking that new content only be released quarterly?


If so, I’d have to pass on that!!! I’ll take the improvements as they come…

I expect heroes to be tweaked more than once a year,

I don’t think that’s much to ask, and honestly doesn’t take a 10 man team to change the stats

Balancing incoming in Version 20… some will be made stronger (probably Aegir in here)… some will be made weaker (probably the current “strongest” heroes)…

Must remember to get ready for the upcoming rage when people see their “purchased” heroes weakened even slightly.

You can’t be hasty either way. Things have to be tested and thought out. Even then the calls may not be good.

Look at this months HOTM, Kunchen. Look at his stats and specials and then look at Ageir. To me that tells me that the nerf was overdone with Ageir or there would be no way Kunchen would be what he is.

Everything in this game is a crawl. I don’t mind if the changes are slow as long as they are well thought out. Ageir and Boss Wolf seem to have been relatively “last minut” to only have a rebalance can kicked down the road to be addressed in the future.

All of this is good news to me. They can raise the neglected hero’s up without bringing the poplar ones down.

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Don’t forget thorough testing of the “change to stats”.

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I’m talking about elkanen khagan kadilen Thorne etc

Change the stats and give them a month to test it like usual

All I’m saying is that if they wanted it to be done, they could have easily done that

And I think you’re oversimplifying what can be a long and arduous task to ensure balance in the game is maintained. To me, it’s no surprise heroes aren’t changed very often.


Hahaha well the game sure as hell isnt balanded right now

Most likely Geavemaker and Guin lol

And I am looking for Gin tanks, it is soft, it dies with 3 chips, for delillah I need 4. Gin is terrible when you are growing and you find it, but when you have a competitive team it is a candy.

No, just Guin. Gravemaker isn’t overpowered, people are just afraid to go up against a “very fast”.

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