Rumors on Khagan and other buffs/nerfs

I heard some rumors about buffing Khagan, Noor (changing both to average) and about nerf Odin (hit 3) and Frigg (average instead of fast), but i found no evidence over the forum.
Are these (as i think) only speculations for click bait or are they programmed for beta testing?

Khagan already saw a recent buff, at avg speed he would be overpowered IMO.

The nerfs you mentioned for Odin (hit 3) and Frigg (change to avg speed) is a terrible idea. I use them both on offense and these proposed changes would make them much less useful on offense.

I can see the justification in changing Noor to average speed, and even at average speed she will stay at 1-1 in my roster… She needs more than a speed change buff to make her useful IMO.

I am hoping all of what you have stated are just rumors, I’m tired of spending my extremely rare 4* mats on ascending 5* heros, only for SG to make them trash – I maxed Vela and Telluria prior to their initial nerfs, and I have other 5* nature/ice heros sitting in my roster at 3-70 that deserve these mats more


Beta is still closed and I bet these are just rumors.


There are several topics about buff/nerf requests by players for various heroes.
We do not see any official communication about these and nothing arrived to Beta either.

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i was pretty sure they were nothing but silly rumors, ty for confirm it.
Everytime i’m stunned on how easily people trust on rumors and doubt on official communications!

Khagan is solid since his buff tbh.

V.Fast wars/tournaments and in Events are where he shines now. But he at least shines somewhere. Previous Khagan was pretty useless.

Now he’s good. I ascended mine after the buff for legendary event runs mainly. He’s not disappointed me and the Rings were well spent


i dont think they can nerf or buff the mana speed…check out the list of heroes being buff or nerf none about it…

he took me in top100 of ninja tower so… i love Khagan! At average speed he would obv OP

I would be really happy with an Odin and Frigg nerf, those 2 are way more OP on defense than the original Telluria+ Vela ever was.


More like fake news :laughing:

Frig / Odin needs slight nerf. Their combo is not that much devastating as was Tell/Vella in their prime.

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They did it for atomos thought

Atomos is waving at you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yes i just missed one cause seeing noor thread asking to make speed to avg sg didnt response …mostly they just adjust the damage dealt, atk/defence buff , etc stats…

Terrible only for those who owned those heroes either for their raid or war defenses and offenses. But for us majority of players who only have the galls of wishing to have them, them both at fast speed on defense is very very terrible to battle. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But in sum, let us stop nerfing heroes. And I want discobot still to be buffed, right, @littleKAF? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah. Trying to bring a red stack against Telly back then was just not possible with Vela’s extra damage against them.

Frigg is at least not as sturdy

Sorry, but this leads us nowhere. Rumor has it that I am muting this thread.


They’ve changed mana speed on at least two heroes — Atomos as mentioned, and Aegir.

Frankly, they’ve pretty much completely failed to do mana speed correctly the entire game. Slow heroes should hit twice as hard as v fast heroes, but they don’t even come close.

Átomos was changed from slow to average.

I heard they’re planning to turn Frigg to very fast and her max damage up to 410%. Also add permanent 43% attack down to all to her current skill and ninja style innate dodge and counter and a 10% boost to all her stats.


Seems underwhelming still

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