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HI everyone!
I would like to understand something about the abilities rules. For example: the percentage increase of the ability of Boldtusk (+48% to the attack of all heroes) goes on the “standard attack” or on an “already increased attack” (increased maybe by the troops)?.

Talking with numbers…

I have a Heroe that has 700 attack, to whom I assigned a troop that increased that hero’s atk by 10%; when I let skill boldtusk, the buffer will be on 700 or on 770?

Thank u for every explanation!



Hi @LordSeverus,

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To answer your question, the buff is applied to 770. So new attacks becomes 770x1.48=1139


Thank u @ThePirateKing!

And what about the ability of Kingstone? That recite “all enemies gets -31% atk, and a further -4% for every time they are hit during 4 turns”.

If the board turns in an excellent way, it would be possibile decrease atk of enemies until 0. In that case, if i let skill Boldtusk, he will delete the Kingstone effect (because it’s an “opposite skill”) o I’ll sum +48% on the atk that remained on my heroes?

Thank u very much

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Kingstone is not yet released and still in beta.
But I guess like this

  1. all enemies gets -31%
  2. all enemies gets -35% (-4%) - 2nd turn
  3. all enemies gets -39% (-4%) - 3rd turn
  4. all enemies gets -43% (-4%) - 4th turn

No, maximum -43% attack.

I think it is normal attack debuff, so it will overwrite each other. So if the last is BT, all allies +48% att buff.


Exactly, as @jinbatsu pointed out, opposite skills always overwrite each other. So if your heroes get an attack debuff from any hero specials (like Richard, Zeline, Santa Claus, etc), any attack buff (Zimkitha, Kiril, Boldtusk) will replace the debuff. Same applies for defense buffs and debuffs.


@jinbatsu the text recite “every time they are hit in 4 turns”, so yes, if I had a good board, I could turn opposite heros’ atk to 0. This is what I understand reading the text…

Anyway, thank u very much!

I don’t understand here… opposite hero att = 0?
So you will debuff opponent attack to -100%? 0%? 0 damage to allies?

They’ve released a similar hero in the past, Athena who reduces defense by -41% and a further -4% decrease each time the opponent is hit. However, there is a silent cap of 6 maximum reductions during the duration of the ailment, which means you can only reduce defense by an additional -24%.

Although Kingston is not yet released, my educated guess is that his decreasing attack will also have a similar silent cap of 6 reductions during the ailments duration.

It would be nice if the hero’s skill mentioned this maximum reduction cap :stuck_out_tongue: But they don’t do it because :man_shrugging: maybe too much of a mouthful to write all that out in the card

Related post on Athena’s defense reduction cap: How much athena lowers the defense of titan

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@jinbatsu, @DaveCozy has captured my point of view, explaining to me something that i dind’t know at all. So, perfect, I thank both of you! :slight_smile:

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