Ruina Imperii

We from Ruina Imperii are still urgently looking for new players to join our alliance. We are a young active clan in construction.
Actually fighting 3 * Titan and expect at least 3 attack per Titan.
War isn’t mandatory - check out if you can’t participate - but if you use all 6 flags.
We gained a lot of experience in other alliances and would like to pass it on.
We expect growths and give support in exchange. Player levels, whether lvl 1 or lvl 100 are all welcome.Simul Invictum! :muscle:

The Silent Crusaders are growing with 11 members of varying levels (between 27 and 62). We are a new alliance and have moved onto 4* titans and are 2 for 2 in wars (using every flag both times).

We don’t use line/discord, but will still complain about our bad pulls in the chat.

Recruitment is very slow, so if you guys want to join and help us expand you will be very welcome (you both have decent looking teams).

Check us out
Judge President Paul
The Silent Crusaders

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If your newly founded alliance is not working as you wish, please leave a message. A German speaking alliance has few seats left.
Until then, best of luck.

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Thanks for the Message,i will remember this.

Thx for the Massage👌

I should update this as we’ve moved quickly up to 6* titans if you are ever interested

Take care

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