Rugged clothes should be more common

It’s a 1* item, that means super common right? Nah. The reward for reaching TC19 isn’t equivalent to the effort. It’s taken me 3 weeks to deplete my resources of rugged clothes. It took me 3 months to reach TC19, as a P2P player.

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It would not make a difference. If rugged clothes would be abundant, it would only mean something else running out. If I had an unlimited supply of rugged clothes, I would produce fast heroes non stop until (probably) I’d run out of ham.

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I’ve been poor on food as soon as I reached TC19. Didn’t stop me from running out of rugged clothes too fast.

I think TC19 should be more rewarding considering the cost and the time it takes to reach TC19. It hasn’t even been a month since I reached TC19 and it’s already useless to me.

I have 3858 rugged clothes and don’t remember how I got them…

I think it’s because I farmed 22-1 heaps, after 13-6 and 8-7 but I note that province 22 is not the ‘official’ place for that

I farm 22-1 after chests are done to get exp. I have recently assembled a team strong enough to autofarm 23-1, most of the time

You also clearly don’t use TC19

I certainly do when a good 5* or 4* comes around, no way would I use TC19 for non important heroes. It takes up too much food

You end up being slower overall for a short term gain

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It took me 3 weeks to burn though my stockpile when I got tc19. Nowadays, I mostly do not use it. Every once in a while I do once i got to around 120-200 rugged clothes. I would not say it is useless. TC11 is just more useful :smiley:

, it would only mean something else running out.

I vote for swords and manuals running out

They are nearly on par but are less needed

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I wish TC19 would produce 1star or 2star heroes. but that won’t happen. :frowning:

I think it is pretty much impossible to run out of training manuals, I have 7846 of those and the only training types that need manuals are super-slow ones (1 or 2 days).

@topic: Yes, even huge stockpiles of rugged clothes run out quite quicky. In this case we have to switch to “uncommon” and “common”/“fast” training and use our backpacks and swords. As already mentioned, there will always be something we are short of, either materials or recruits or food.

Noooo not my precious swords. That’s cheap training in only 10 minutes and they’re vital to players who are starting out and don’t have tc19. You gotta think of the little guys.

I vote training manual and common herbs