Rugged clothes are in fact a rare item

I’m out of rugged clothes after barely more than a month of tc19. It’s a 1* farmable item but they aren’t as available as they should be. A province where you’re most likely to farm rugged clothes; you might get one every 3 or 4 runs at a level. You can’t even buy bundles of rugged clothes in any offer. SGG has messed up here. At the very least, make them purchasable.


Im playing for three Month now and have 1900 rugged clothes and starting tc19 today.
That is 1900 ÷ 90days =21,1 rugged clothes a day. And i only farm 7-7 for about 2 weeks.


I had 3500 rugged clothes when I started using Tc19. They run out fast. Considering that when you reach tc19 you’ll be looking at 5* heroes to level; and a 1* feeder hero is only worth 180xp… rugged clothes need to be more available. It costs me 100k food and 10 feeders to get a quarter of a level for a 5* hero. This is unbalanced. If tc19 plus food for a 5* is so expensive, at the very least I shouldn’t be running out of rugged clothes with no way to get more. It’ll take me a month to farm like 30 rugged clothes. That’s worth maybe a level and a tiny bit on a 5*

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As the math Shows i got 22,1 rugged clothes in a day. So 30 in a Month for you seems not right.
Esp. when you farm 7-7

Typical 7-7 run above.

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How often do you run tc19?

22 rugged clothes a day in close to nothing… 22 rugged clothes ensures 22 minutes of TC19 functionality , meaning 22 1* feeders… that is nothing… TC 19 is intended for mass production, not 22 1* a day… It took me 6 month of extensive farming to gather 3000 rugged clothes, which I’m going to lay waste in under a month… Not the best deal… @SWEG is right…

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I guess that is “the math”

Hmm maybe i use it different i guess. I always use it to get a running on start on the first couple tiers of a hero. Normally only producing 1 to 200 1* at most due the high ham cost. Roughly do that 2 to 3 times a week so only ends up being 400 to 600 a month and i seem to farm more than that apparently since I’ve yet to run out of rugged clothes. Due to the high ham cost, i never thought this camp was supposed to be run massively or consistently but sparratically. Maybe that’s just me



Oh lol i missed his first response somehow


Sure, it’s a real problem.

And it’s not the only one… same with gloves and compass…

I understand that u have to wait, that its a game in a long run , but 4 stars is the key of the game.

I’m totally blocked in the game, for a few weeks now … impossible to get gloves.

And i don’t want to buy 32$ packs…

Matter of perspective… I got almost 10 million ham stashed away and the stockpile grows every day, so right now ham is not a problem for me. 5* heroes and ascension mats are…

So what amount is a good one then?
2x tc11 = 24 feeder + 21 from tc19 and what ever
you got from swords and backpacks on the way in a day.

So about 60 feeders a day.

Edit: oh and plus the feeders you get from completing stages.

If a player doesnt have ascension mats to max a hero, what’s the rush to level it?

Everyone is missing something else… I got 7 pairs of gloves but only one compass, I also have four 4* heroes closing in to 3/60… decisions, decisions… :grinning: For me it’s going to be Grimm. Li, Sabina and Kelile will have to wait for compasses.

I run 4 camps

Tc11 for recruit bank

Tc2 for 2*

Tc20 for food storage(chance to get that magni I’ve always wanted)

Flex camp tc1/tc19

I rarely run out of recruits, feeders, ham, and if i run out of a certain mat(backpack, sword, or rugged clothes) i simply convert it to runnin a camp i do have mats for or i turn into another tc11 temporarily(very rare occurence, don’t remember last time it happened)

Maybe I’m nuts and this method is completely illogical. But it works for me.

And yes i do farm more at times due to my job with long periods of down time, I’ll spend some gems on farming. I also buy the fast lane pack when it’s available. But these seem to just merely make up for the times i waste flags(sitting at full during work hours or sleep hours) so i don’t think money is the key here. Just time and strategy.


No rush… No 5* yet… mats are closing up for all elements, but as I said, no compasses… This is why I have such large stockpiles…

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Once you start leveling 5* it’ll change. Then you’ll be complaining about rarity of Damascus blades/tomes and complaining about commonly getting gloves/compasses(from experience). Sometimes it’s fun to watch other players progress and go through the game with exact same complaints i once had.


Oh! Just give me the 5* to use my damascus blades (6) on and I’ll be eternally grateful! :wink: I’ll get TC20 in about a month or so, hopefully that will solve this problem in a few month. Not as great on tomes, but still got some of those too.


If you look at the Data collected for 7-7.

0.35 rugged per WE
0.13 Backpacks per WE
0.12 swords per WE

So if you use all your daily Energy in 7-7 you get 50 rugged cloth , 18 backpacks, 17 swords per Day.

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I farm 8-7 and 2-1-9(starting to change to 2-1-7 and 2-1-8 due to advice from a friend)

Pretty much all i farm outside of elemental chests or advancing in season 2(which I’m behind on)

I don’t have any hard data collected. I judge the effectiveness of my farming choices based on my current priorities being met and seeing consistent satisfactory progress. As long as my tc’s stay goin, I’m happy. If i start focusing more on events then I’ll want my forges to stay going and tc’s will take a back seat.

The data I’ve seen collected by others is pretty awesome work though. Takes a lot of organization and effort to do it effectively(effort i can do, organization not so much)