🎅 Rudolph: Santa's Challenge 2019 – Thoughts & Discussion

You people are cruel, feeding your reindeer as dinner! LOL, maybe you will have a different menu next time, LMAO!

This group probably would eat whale…

I had a question for y’all. I’m a relatively high end player with a mature bench. How many Rudolphs would you keep? I had one from last year, and I had him in a 3* red death squad with a lone Namahage and Nashgar. But since I levelled up my other Namahages after running out of reds, my Rudolph (and Nashgar) have been benched for the triple Namahage death squad.

I have three Rudolphs now and am leveling up a second one. Should I keep my third or feed him?

His super low defense just sucks. He’s so fragile…

I know a lot of people swear by Namahage for Challenge Event mono teams, but I’ve tended to prefer Rudolph and Squire Wabbit.

So even though I have three of Namahage maxed, I’ve tended to use 2x Squire Wabbit, Rudolph, and 2x Namahage.

With Hawkmoon’s Costume now, she gets the slot from one of the Namahage’s, and if I pick up another Rudolph, I plan to replace the last Namahage in that team with him.

So I personally have good use for two — at least unless I get more of Squire Wabbit in the spring.

A third one would depend on whether you have Squire Wabbit, and whether you aim for 4* mats from Rare Challenge Events.

But I also don’t like eating Seasonal Heroes, since they’re hard to come by. So I’d personally keep a third just in case either way.

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Oh, I really, really want Rudolph. :slight_smile:

New player here, almost free to play, so just looking to expand my 3* heroes, since I´m not quite able to ascend 4*stars anyway. I´ve been saving up all my Epic Hero Tokens and have 13 so far. \o/

I was wondering, according to the calendar here: https://empiresandpuzzles.fandom.com/wiki/Calendar , the Christmas Event, does that still start on December 1? Is that when I can get a chance to summon Rudolph, too, then?

I apologize if I wrote in the wrong thread, I got a ‘warning’ asking me if I wanted to revive the topic, but, it seemed over the top to make a separate thread for this question, so I hope I did it right!

Never too early to get into the Christmas Spirit either, is it… :smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Last year i think it started early December. I was lucky to get Santa, Rudolf, and Buddy from free tokens. I’m excited to see the new heros for this year. As im torn on using my tokens for halloween as i skipped it last year. Good luck.

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Oh, such a swift response - Thank you so much :slight_smile: Great, nice to hear it´s not late December then!

I am very torn too myself, but since you already have Santa, Rudolp and Buddy, I guess Halloween is a good choice? Good luck to you too, and thanks again :four_leaf_clover:

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