Rudolph bug?

I level up Rudolph and I have almost finished leveling up him but alrhough I train him with 10 red heros giving me possibility about 25% to 30% to level up his special skill, it has never happened. His special skill levels up only when ascending. It has never happened to me before, with anyone of my other heros. Something must have been wrong… Possibilities over 25% multiplied more than ten times cannot give zero results… Do others have mentioned some problem?

It’s still random. I’ve had tons of 3* fail at 75-80%, often on the same hero. the only way to be sure is to put it to 100%.

I had many incidences where I have done 50 - 80% and it has not leveled the Special Skill.
My worst one was Bauchan or however to spell his name.
I took him to 40% about 6 or 7 times to get him from 7/8 and he didn’t… so I moved it to 80% about 4 or 5 times and FINALLY it leveled up.

On the opposite end I have done heroes at 20% and it has not worked, but then I have one remaining feeder left, stick that on at 2% and it increases the Special.

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My Rudy is lazy as well…but I don’t mind, I’ll give him some more feeders, when he’s at 3/50, no drama.

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I echo what everyone else has already said. Even if the chance of lvling up is at 95%, there is still 5% chance that it does not level.

I once had the chance of lvling just at 1% on Balthazzar (i just used one 1* feeder), and the special skill leveled up. I know, RNG can be really funny sometimes.

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This is a common problem with merciless RNG

Because of the way costumes work, it is even more pronounced

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Thanks for the links that address this @Gryphonknight. That should cover the topic so I’m going to close this - it’s not the only thread ever in this subject.


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