Ruben, Santa, Grazul, Ares, Khagan or Elena C. Who’s next?

Out of those reds who would you ascend next for mono attack? If it’s Grazul or Ares they’d replace Boldtusk the rest would be the fourth attacker.

Among all. Grazul is the best candidate. The next one is c.elena


My response from another thread
"Another vote for Grazul. She blocks out the ailments of GVT, JF, even the newer heroes like Vanda. I mean she even blocks Alfrike, though if I see an Alfrike tank I usually click reroll :stuck_out_tongue:
You do need to time it correctly of course since it only lasts 2 turns, but with a level 11 mana troop, she charges in 6 tiles.

That 15% heal may not seem a lot, but it can be a life saver.

Her 4% mana regen element link helps if you use a red stack too. I love using her with Elena. Basically get both fired, and tempt the enemy AOE hero :smiley:

And to top it off, she resists ailments that affect healing"


Ok sounds good. Elena even with her costume is so easy to kill and erase. If I see her as a tank or flanker I use green mono with Eve and Caedmon and she’s useless. I’ll try my second red mono team with her with Grazul and see how it works.

I’d suggest to make a final decision beg of next week, once we will see final version of costume for Khagan.

BTW, if you’d plan pulling at Masquarade, you could also potentially get Marjana with brand new costume that will be most probably A+ red hero - definitely the best offensive option from all the heroes you are choosing above.


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I use Grazul a lot in raids depending on the team I am facing. If I face Alfrike I always take her. That said, despite his speed, Santa is surprisingly good. He never impressed me when he fired because his damage is low, but my raid win percentage is higher with him in my standard offensive lineup than it is with his replacements, like Grazul. I have MN so that boosts him and means I don’t need Grazul’s heal, though. If I needed a heal, Grazul would get the nod

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