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Count how much WE is needed
Divide it by 5
And multiply by 7k iron. Also some backpacks and swords along the way.

Also i cant levelup anymore my heroes. Lack of asc items. Just some 3* i raise for titans.

In this game you can’t have “too much” of something and should use any opportunity to get more of a supply. I had thousands of ragged clothes and thought that it was too much for me. Now I’m out of them and try hard to get some more. And the same can be said about each and every ingredient except for common herbs, perhaps.

So this event is a good chance to collect some good items without gambling on farming provinces.


I got u.
But my priorities are others now.

Try raiding. :wink:

20 whatever

Do you think I can get tabbard with Tiburtus, Kiril, Boril, Little John and Chao all 4/70 ?

I could switch a 4/50 Chao for Boril.

Mats: big mana pots and weapons: dragon bombs down.

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I think you can, yes, although I think the last few stages will be quite tough. You’ll need to get some blue-heavy boards to beat the bosses. The last stage in particular will be a big challenge - it is likely to take multiple attempts and burn through a lot of items.

I don’t know if I’d use your second Chao instead of Boril. Maybe. Chao’s sniping is a better special generally and doubling yellow might be better than doubling blue, but having Chao only at level 50 won’t be a great help. Plus, Boril’s riposte is not terrible when you’re facing heavy hitters.

With your team, I would definitely try for completion. I don’t know if I would be good enough to succeed. I’d need some luck.



I was using rainbow 5* team to complete. Not the easiest. Bring on some of the heavy items and probably a revival if needed.

Thanks for your answer.

I am finishing normal stage today and will start with advanced probabely tomorrow.

The good thing is I have time stops now and will have some time to feed Chao.

With the big mana pots, time stops and Little John and the Chaos I might be able to keep the mana locked up long enough to do enough damage.
Dragon bombs should help with that. :smile:

On another topic at another time ( when ist not early in the morning ) I would like to continue the discussion About color stacking a little bit.

So far I agree with most of your points but maybe some arguments pro stacking havent been fielded yet. :wink:

Have a nice day. :sunny:

I always thought that the early stages (lots of mats to make battle items) were to help us for the last stages when things got tough?

I’m happy to take free farmable in quantity and run, but if I can beat the later stages, that’s worthwhile too.

Kudos to you for knowing your team, but it’s not a waste to collect a ton of farmables. Here is faster than there. :wink:


The last stage has two purple bosses, so stacking two yellow heroes can help. Also you might need as much antidotes as you can have plus bombs or dragon fires (or both). Bosses of this event don’t strike hard. They are more annoying than strong (my impression). As far as their attack can be dispelled you can withstand them with heroes that don’t have high health and defense stats.

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You seem to be a veteran at this. Can you tell me how to deal with these pumpkin bombs. I just don’t get how to get maneuver the bombs so that even my team is more than strong enough to win I get blown away. HELP!!!

I know the recommended power level is 4000 for the tabard. I am at level 15 and it has been nothing but easy for me so far. Is it possible for me to beat 4000 with my 3300 power level team? I used maxed Grimm, 3-60 Wu Kong, 3-70 Khiona, 4-15 wilbur, and 3-60 Melendor (for healing to the next stage b4 boss)

It may be and I would suggest trying no matter what. It doesn’t hurt.

The big thing I would suggest is picking you items wisely. I used axes bombs dragon attacks with some healing potions. You may want some mana pots for Wu.

Do you have any other damage dealing heros?

I used a team of about 3700

wilbur (max) Joon (max) Khiona (3-70) Lianna (4-70) Rigard (max)

You want to surround Khiona with damage dealers.

But either way I suggest trying and grinding it out if you can.

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Change wilbur for a healer

My next strongest I can add to the line up:

BT @ 3-60
Caedomon MAXED
Domitia @ 2-60
Sartana @ 2-50

Pumpkin bombs do hit you pretty hard if you can’t match them. They seem to do more damage than the similar ones in the spring seasonal event did. Or maybe it is 'cuz the spring seasonal event bombs healed you instead of buffing mana, so the net damage was less?

I’d suggest the following:

  1. Bring healers, at least two of different colors. If you match the one of your healer’s color, especially on the last turn it will give you enough mana to heal your team.
  2. How many pumpkins actually show up and how hard to match they are comes down to board luck. You may have to play more than once to get through harder levels.
  3. Battle items:
    a. Antidotes to cure the vampire status effects from the bosses
    b. Mana pots to charge up your healers
    c. Extra healing pots. (If you have super antidotes, they cure the same as normal ones but heal everybody quite a bit more; consider them to be an antidote plus healing for everybody)
  4. Battle items, option #2: If you get through the monster waves, but struggle to finish the bosses, try the “blast the bosses to hell” technique: Bring a full set of 5 each of Dragon attacks, Bombs, Axes, and Arrows and when you get to the bosses, hit them with all these. (With nasty status effects like these vampires have, consider substituting antidotes or super antidotes for one of the four, especially if you don’t have 5 of one.)
  5. If all of the above doesn’t quite get you there, a level that will get you a non-farmable ascension item (Adv/10, Adv/20) is worth spending 75 gems to continue if you are confident that full health heroes restored will be enough to finish the level, and don’t think trying again is gonna help. (If you aren’t blasting the bosses to hell, this might be a good time to use up those revive or miracle scrolls gathering dust too.)
  6. (Obvious, but completely unhelpful) A stronger team will have an easier time of it; next seasonal event will be easier for you.
    I’ve got a lot of maxed heroes to choose from and have been chugging through them currently at advanced L4 and haven’t struggled yet, but with some of the younger rosters I’ve seen, I might not have gotten this far.

I would run caedmon in there for some speed damage boosted by khiona

Either sub Wilbur for bt or wu for caed and run 2 greens and grind it out.

I’ve been using Wilbur more than wu except on Titans.

Could be possible and it is worth trying, even if it takes gems to continue. See my list of suggestions two replies up.

Those targets team strengths are a rule of thumb at best.

As you build your roster, you will find that doubling or tripling up on colors that do strong damage against the mob monsters / bosses will make a really big improvement, and a well built team like this can hit way harder than its actual team power would indicate.

If you have the heroes leveled to use a monochrome team (i.e. all yellow), it is somewhat of a go big or go home move; if you get a lot of that color, it is amazing. If you don’t get much or any of that color, you are dead. Doing this and re-trying until you get a good board is also a valid strategy. (along with the others I mentioned above)

I completed it with Colen, Chao, Caedmon, Obakan, and Kiril, all 4/70 except Obie at 3/70. I took 10 little antidotes, 10 little mana potions, 5 potent healing, and 5 bombs ( -25% attack for all enemies). I debated bringing turtle banners instead of heals but they really don’t hit hard, they just. Don’t. Die. :confounded:

I had one potent heal, Caedmon at 75 health, and Obakan at 32 health when I completed it. Still got my tabard!

… only two more to do… /sigh

JohnSr, Pumpkins without apparent matches nearby are easier to clear if you try to match tiles on the rows above them, in order to replace as many tiles as you can below them. If that makes sense.

@poopcorn i beat this with my 3080 team - i’ve added a topic here so i don’t hijack this thread: Return to Morlovia - don’t be put off!

Definitely doable - as said before, use antidotes wisely and watch out for the pumpkins, this quest needs healers but if the bosses are stealing this you need to stop them with antidotes.

Don’t use dragon attacks, overkill and a massive investment of materials for a return that’s debatable. I found this quest a lot of fun because i wasn’t chucking away loads of resources only arrows, tier 1 mana, tier 1 health, and tier 1 antidotes.