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mats and itsssems ad

What else are you gonna do?

It’s different from the usual levels you farm
They added pumpkin bombs to the tiles (fun kabooms)
You still get XP for the levels
Loot itsn’t the best imo, but when is it?
Don’t get something for nothing
Have fun and enjoy the work the devs put in for us


A free 3 and 4* mat for waiting for free WE to refresh and 10 bones, 10 fragments and 6 nuggets at the end there is totally worth it. How much WE do you have to spend to get 1 of each of those, never mind 4 or 6 at a time?


Who cares about the food/iron/xp exchange?

It is a guaranteed dollar-free shot (depending on team strength) at trap tools, hero token, troop tokens and other consumables used for elite battle items.

It is a no-brainer. Go as far as you can.


Not for me. Have SH and storages to upgrade. Better make as much iron as i can from farming with all that 10 per stage energy… For 10 energy i can make 14-15k iron…

I guess people can’t see (and/or quantify) the value of crafting mats for the forge and high level battle items until being quite far into the game.
I haven’t started using them yet, either. I just trust others who say it’s good to get them.


The ascension mats in the advanced levels make them unquestionably worth doing even without food, iron, xp, recruits, item drops, etc.

The normal set is probably worth doing, because of all the crafting mats, battle items, etc…but definitely for the troop token and trainer hero at the final stage. (And my vanity has me collecting all the earnable avatars I can, even tho Vlad is an ugly dude and not to my taste.)


Ascension materials are more difficult to get than iron. I try to use all available sources to get them, including this.


10 Dragon Bones for 30 flags is a very good deal for me. I usually spend much more flags farming for the same amount. And the same about other materials and battle items.


The non farmable ascension materials are well worth it, regardless of the WE cost. Just look at all the threads griping about “I can’t ascend my heroes!”


After all the grinding, grinding grinding. All the same levels, I’m fully enjoying thisnice change of pace/look. Thanks for the new pumpkin bombs too. Totally enjoying it, regardless of WE costs. Have enough days to finish it. Thanks devs!


Free Avatars that can be later for 1200 gems.
Free tokens.
Free Mats.
And tons of x10 valuble materials to craft dragon flags and large pots.
OFC it worth it.
If you count with how many W.E you will run to have x10 iron ores for exmp.
What is wrong with that?


So far, all avatars I’ve seen are in only ONE of these categories:

  1. Standard ones offered to all players (39 of ‘em, I think)
  2. Reward avatars for completing a mission, quest, or placing in a challenge event.
  3. Avatars you can buy for gems.

So if you don’t get the Vlad avatar now, I’m guessing your only chance will be in a year.

(Edit: says the guy who has been playing seven months and has to wait another three to get over snowman envy…)


Only 7months.
And I consider my self a newbie after 17 months :rofl:

im all about organization and strategy. mu goal now is to get tc20 running asap. after ill have rare quests and chests for mats. i spent money on vip - first month. maybe ill buy one more month. and thats all themoney i put in.
those mats i dont have use for them now. so, my math is simple.

thats me. a strategic, a pragmatic. not a spender or avatar greeder.
when ill have all buildings done and a 2x5 rainbow 5* that i chose ill be throwing WE out the window :slight_smile:

That’s a valid argument for the crafting mats; they are nice to have later in the game when you have the resources to crank out battle items with your forges, but waiting to farm for them later when you will want them makes sense.

For the non-farmable ascension items – the trap tools and royal tabard you get for completing the advanced portion of this quest, or similar items you get for completing rare quests, not so much.

Later in the game, you will have heroes you want to ascend and be waiting weeks or months on materials to do so, especially if you are a cheap/free player, and aren’t buying deals that package those items with gems.

@_John_Doe, Your future self will thank you for completing all of those that you can, even if you have to spend WE trying 2-3 times, or use all the battle items you have to finish them. In general, I would suggest that if you are SURE you can finish a level that will earn one of those items, it is even worth paying 75 gems to continue the level to get them.

The things that even a strategic, pragmatic player like you should go for from this quest are:

  • Normal L20 : Epic Troop Token (Your only way to get 4* troops without paying gems/$$$)
  • Advanced L10: Trap Tools
  • Advanced L15: Epic Hero Token
  • Advanced L20: Royal Tabard

You also got a few things that aren’t worth your WE at your stage in the game, but came along for the ride:

  • A daily summon token at Normal L10
  • Purple trainer heroes at both of the L10 and L20 levels)
  • A boatload of crafting ingredients and battle items that would otherwise cost a lot more WE to get.

I wonder if the same people who don’t believe that the WE is worth it - will be the same people who post on the forums in a few months saying they are quitting because the game won’t give them ascension mats.


I don’t get comments on certain things being a waste of time. Don’t we play these games to waste time? They certainly don’t give us more time!


Pragmatism usually doesn’t involve a loaded semiautomatic pointed at your foot.

And your 2x5* dream team… will have purples and will be missing at least one trap tool and tabard.

I agree they will miss when ascend will be needed. I have some needs now, but aint tabard and trap tools now. Will be needed probably in a distant future.

But i will be making the rare quests that give the asscension items - all of the rare quests.
Doing them i will surely not wait too long.

And when ill quit the game I wont be complaining about lack of asc items. We all know what game are we playing - a random game.

Nevertheless, the f2p game is a waiting game. I agree with taking advantage of every oportunity the game gives you; I’m just putting in balance cons and pros and I decide not to use WE on RoMorlovia.

If you all wanna do it, good luck! :slight_smile:

P.S. Ussualy theplayers (and i am referring to 30+ lvl players) that invest money (hundreds of euros/dollars splashes on at least several 10xpulls) are the ones that quit quicker than the ones that dont (the vip and some very good offers)

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