Royal Tabard Problem

Please give us an offer with a royal tabard. After the New Year event, you never made an offer with a royal tabard. I’ve been waiting for 3 months for my kageburado.

Did you get the royal tabard from the Morlovia quest on 2/1/2019?


Yes I got from morlovia , but a 5* purple hero need 6 x royal tabard. need one more.


You’re in the same boat as everyone else with 5 tabards.


There was just one given for Morlovia a week ago, they can’t be handing them out in events/offers on a weekly basis.

On the other hand I have a very different problem.

Too many tabards, no worthy purple 5*s

A cloth that only the worthy can wield

Can we do a deal? :wink:



I’ll trade you a Kage for your 4 darts…:wink:


My teammate have 25 tabbards and 0 purple 5* :no_mouth:


Unfortunately for you, we have already reached the maximum number of lvl 80 Kageburado’s. May I interest you with an Oberon instead?


Yes, yes they can…they choose not too.

Really , i have been waiting long time for last royal tabard.

For what? +more charachters

//edit, ah now i see, Kage! :slight_smile:

Wierd flex but okkkk


Well I’m in the same boat, I need one more for Khiona.

Just be patient though, purple quest will come around by the end of March or beginning of April. So worst case we’re waiting a month and a half, and for this game that’s short wait lol :stuck_out_tongue: Make the best out of the other heroes you have now, that’s what I’m doing.

I can tell you’ve got some 5stars and 4stars that could use the levels now, may as well do that, it’ll help in wars.

I strongly disagree… there was Morlovia, there was Halloween event not that long time ago… It’s not much but it’s normal pace for gathering 5* ascension materials.

“Please give because I need” well I need winning lottery numbers for today’s Eurojackpot. Please give.

My alt is sitting on 12 tabbards, but no purple 5 stars, well, tc20 gave me Domitia, but she sucks, so not giving her any…

@Gryphonknight’s “no regrets” rule says: if you have 12 tabards, go ahead and use 6 of them on the best option. This avoids the “I drew Sartana the day after I ascended Domitia!!” problem.

Domitia isn’t really that bad. Her debuff and color shield are situationally very nice. Bring her against yellow titans.


RNG laughs and laughs and laughs

“Let us give @FrenziedEye something they don’t need”


I have some shiny rings I’d trade you for that :laughing:

Sadly, I’m about to follow @Kerridoc ‘s suggestion and love the one I’m with :notes: Elena actually has a chance of seeing the level 4 sunshine :sun_with_face:

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But a better boat than us with only 4.

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