Royal Tabard and fine gloves

I think you(devs) must look at and check fine gloves drop rate. In 2 month never dropped fine gloves without offer. Same for royal tabards. My guild members said same things for fine gloves…

I reraise!

5 only this month.

I get them every so often in my titan and raid chests. I only have 6 though.

I just got a pair of gloves as reward for LOSING a war.

Maybe you should all try it :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably shouldn’t be laughing so hard at this answer.

Everyone has those mats that just elude them. Tabbards are mine as well in the 4* material area. I have tons of gloves. Diamond raid chest is dropping me a pair every 10-12 days…it’s a bit crazy. But I never have enough capes or hidden blades either.

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