Royal Dutch Army is looking voor dutch speaking members

Royal dutch army is looking for few new members. Belgian öre dutch speaking is main langauge.
We are a very active alliance.
You wanne have tips en tricks every day And sociale And very hard core alliance So look us up. We have Some basic rules.
Be funny with each other
Be helpfull in alliance chat
Have fun with the game
Be active on war if you have signed
Be active onn titans ( if you give notice why you afk then its oké)
We use line app for bether communication ans screenshots.

So join a fun hard core alliance with 50% woman 50% men. Who really play with each other.

If you stil have questions, reply here ore text me in the game.

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We are a good bunch. Fun and respectful. We do wars and titans as best we can.
The more experienced members make a real effort in helping the new players.
So dutch speaking players what are you waiting for. Come and join the fun.

Closed per request of OP via flag.

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