Round up in wars giving benefit to enemy


This happening almost every war in my alliance. This time it pissed me off as we lost really close - just by 8 points. So here is the issue: if one-shoted my team is worth 56 points ( 20 points for victory and 36 just for the team). But when 1st attack on my team wasn’t fully successful (enemy gets some points for scratching some of my heroes or even killing) and my team was killed only from second attempt sum of the points that enemies got for those 2 attacks are higher than my team total by 1. For example for attack 1 on my team enemy was rewarded with 34 points and for attack 2 - with 23 points. In summary it will give 57 points while as mentioned before my team is worth 56. So you are giving away points out of nowhere to the enemy. Why don’t you just adjust bonus points for victory to make 2+2=4 again? This is really annoying and I don’t believe there is nothing you can do to fix this.

Same war, 2 scenarios:

Here is my teammate (the Frootluips) killed with 1 shot.

Here attacks are split:

First case - 56, second case 57. 1 point out of nowhere.

Does the system use decimals hidden to us? For example, was your team actually worth 56.4 points, and the two attacks on you were for 33.8 points (so 34) and 22.6 points (so 23)? I’m not sure - merely asking.

Honestly, it should not be my problem - if they are hiding they should put some explanation, but if it is so, it wont harm to show extra digit so I players can understand how it works. It’s just demotivating. When you can see 2+2=5 without explanation. I’ll post an example to the original post.

Partial kill points are based on percentage of health left. It seems that for allocating points any decimal portion is rounded up. But this works for both sides, so it’s “unfair” fairly.

Plus two flags had to be used to earn those points instead of one, which is better for your side.


I was also thinking about “2 flags instead of 1” benefit, but it’s not like your team has value 50, and then enemy has 2 attacks on you like 49+2) it’s the last player who gets victory points. even if he does damage for 1 point.

As to the 2-way street - I cannot see us doing this to enemy. But Last 2 wars it happen to my defence team, this war - to my teammate. I would rather have it properly working 2 ways than this mystic way it is now.

If SG are using partial points then they can give partial points from victory points to make math work again.

I noticed this recently only, but in the past we had couple of wars lost/won by 2-3 points - so this is significant.

You mean you don’t take out opponents with two flags?

And it’s the system that does this, not the alliance. The round-up is why the initial 1500 points becomes 1506 or 1518 or 1522 etc.

I take them out but math there is OK. one attack 34 another 22. 56 together same as I do with 1 shot.

I understand that, just saying that I cannot see that attacks my team is doing have same round up problem and extra points added to our bank. So so far it’s a 1way street for me and team.

Watch for it next war and see what you get.

I will, but that’s why I’ve raised it - 3 wars that I’ve noticed this and it’s not fair (not 50/50 : same amount of extra points to both teams) or beneficial to my team. So far it goes to enemy only (1-3 points but still). And I cannot control it (plan attack to leave specific amount of health of enemy heroes so it rounds up to give me extra point). This is not random for pulls - this is SG not thinking through/implementing correctly points system.

Well, the points system is already skewed as flipping one side is usually worth more than flipping the other, instead of being 1500 each. This is likely an offshoot of that.

Hmmm, never heard of it. I’m not responsible for war strategy in my alliance - just a heavy hitter :slight_smile: . Where I can read about it? You mean that 1st and 2nd flip have different values?

And they are doing changes to the wars (like locking costumes and levels of heroes/troops) so it will be even easier to fix points now as values are not changing…

No, each flip is worth what the total available points for that alliance adds up to. But that is rarely equal between the two sides due to round-up as points are split between teams.

This seems to be how they split points:

There is ongoing discussion on this here:

Thanks, I’ll have a look. But anyway want SG to notice this one.

Try tagging @Petri @KiraSG @ScottySG.
Oh wait, I just did for you.
Can’t guarantee they’ll notice.

Just out of curiosity, did you count the points without rounding? Because this “rounding bug” was very likely helping you too as it can happen to everyone. I really wonder if you were that unlucky that it happened more on their side.

On more serious note they could fix it pretty easily, so :crossed_fingers:

Hi, I was saying earlier that I’ve just noticed this last 3 wars and so far it’s beneficial to our enemies. But again - this is random as you need leave certain amount of HP to your enemies for this round up to occur which you cannot be planned as boards being random. But if pulling heroes random is by design and agree with it this war round up random is just dodgy implementation of scoring system and it’s affecting our war score. I’m going pay attention now as usually I’m just 1-shooting enemies or have cleanup team to finish enemies so not really checking points.

Just curious on the title , how logical it would be for someone use 2 flags to gain 1 extra point ? Is this not an advantage to the defending team when all flags are used.:thinking:

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I’m seeing this as enemy would use 2 flags ANY WAY because they cannot kill my team from first shot but are gifted with one extra point. 1st attack - you just made a hole in defence so you have to use 2nd attack to clean the field. Could you please explain to me where this extra point is robbing a flag from attacking team?

Well of course someone can take you out in one shot sometimes. I’ve had wars where I’ve gone 6-0 attacking their 3 best two times over so no it’s not a given someone needs to use 2 flags on someone.

Last war I only went 3-3 but it was the first time against green tanks. 6 Telluria and I don’t have cleansers for that. So when attacking their top team with my 4th attack I did kinda know it would take two attacks but you don’t know what heroes they used to attack you. May as well have been their best heroes but an unlucky board.

That’s the problem - you expect digits to add up correctly and it should not matter what heroes somebody use and what is the combination of HP/DEF - is it odd/even number and how to round up, it’s already enough randomness for war in board itself. So for me it’s a glitch. Yes, potentially it can go both ways and my team can benefit from it too(well, last 3 wars I’m checking it - we only give away those points), but right now I don’t know what are the hidden variables of this equation. And it is a bug, not a feature.