Round-off error at war!?

It seems that there is something wrong with the points at war, maybe a round-off error.

One of our players attacked an opponent who should give 34 points and the same amount of bonus points for defeating the team. She got 5 points for her attack, but the numbers said, that there were 30 points left.

I neither took a screen shot of this nor looked at the following attacks. But when I checked for the points I saw, that we did not only get 69 points (5 + 30 + 34), what I had expected after the first attack, but 71.

So I took two screen shots afterwards … one of the defeated opponent and one of the attack list, where you can see, that we got 5, 9, 19 and 38 (=71) points.

When the team scores are created, partial numbers seem to be rounded up to the nearest whole number. My guess is that the devs decided that it wasn’t fair to wipe partial points for a win and set them to round up too.

After updating the game, problems started. An error has occurred in the game. During the start of the war I was thrown out of the field in the observer mode. I did not remove the tick of participation in the war. Participated in all wars of the alliance. I am very often in the game. As a result, I did not receive bonuses from winning the war. Why should I then spend money on the game if the game itself decides to participate in the war for me or not. How do you solve this issue? Account screenshots attached.

[Edit: Do not post your game account number on the Forum. You may contact Game Support on this matter; see link below]:

You have opted out from war. There should X in that empty box.

he stood there. but during the beginning of the countdown to the start of the war he flew off. Himself. I haven’t shot anything. Our alliance had the same situation in the last war. A member of the alliance wrote a report in support.

I apologize for the grammar. Google translator ))

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