Round 2 - Crystal Palace 7 minute Titan take down

Here at Crystal Palace we have so much fun doing these fast titan take downs. After our 12 minute take down we got together and picked out another date to do another. Luckily we got an Onyx titan and burned it down in 6 minutes and 55 seconds.

In the video you will see I dropped a 116k hit. It was my highest titan hit to date. Don’t judge me on my titan hits as I’m going as fast as I can and missed a few diamonds.



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I had 3 teams set up for this to help with speed of getting going, but it turned out to be a dark so I had to put a team together really fast and go in. By the time I got there, I only had time for 4 swings. It was over fast.

Compliment for titan

jaw drops and bounces

Wow you guys! :grin:

Well done guys a totally awesome job
Wish I had been there to try it with you guys but hey ho

Congratulations Cristal Palace !!! Awesome job!!

WOW! Awesome to watch!

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