Rouge19- new alliance-JOIN NOW

Hello, there. Just started a new alliance named Rouge19.
Come join me and let’s have fun together! Cups req 200

Are you sure about that spelling? Rouge is a type of red makeup. Rogues are shady adventurers. Either way is fine, I suppose, but are you sure?

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:)))))))))) yes, thank you very much, but I am quite sure.

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Okay. Just being officious and intrusive. I’ll just go now.

Why? You should join my alliance, even if you don’t agree with the name.

I didn’t come down on any side on the name of your alliance. I have no right to judge and certainly no say inits naming.

Thank you, l’m OK in my current alliance.

One more note in my defense: Star Wars: Rogue One was in my mind. Rouge + (number) was a natural association.